Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Flashback Friday: Halfmoon Bay

Life, like the ocean, can be calm and still or rough and choppy, but in the end it is always beautiful. ~ unknown 

I'm not sure how our Half Moon Bay beach trip got lost in the shuffle, but I think since it was so close to our Disney trip I just completely forgot to post about it. Even now, two months later, these pictures are some of my favorite from the year. Thank goodness for flashback Friday, right??

I've said it before but the Northern California coast is completely different from Southern California. It's so rugged and striking with steep cliffs and choppy gray waves. You'll rarely find people laying out sunbathing because it's generally cool and overcast. Even though it's not as inviting as the Southern California beaches we're used to, I think it's much more beautiful up here. 

Since we moved here almost a year ago there have been many blog posts dedicated to the beauty that is the Bay Area, and you can file this away in that category as well. Sorry if it's bordering on obsessive guys, but I just can't get enough and I haven't stopped being amazed at the fact that we actually live here. Ez and Declan don't really care about the beauty, so long as there's sand to throw. And eat. And we happened to get lucky and go at a time when all the wildflowers were blooming. So I guess you could say there was something for everyone ;)

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  1. Some very nice photos you have posted here. Thanks for sharing them.
    Your Dad