Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ezra's 1st Haircut!

I was in love with Ez's wild curls. Brushing out the giant tangle of knots on the back of his head? Not so much. Also, nobody ever mistook Ez for a girl until the last few months, then suddenly everyone started telling us how pretty she is. Even wearing superhero shirts and light up Cars sneakers, he'd get mistaken for a girl. That doesn't really bother me, and usually I wouldn't even bother correcting them, but it was just one more sign that it was time for a haircut.

I found a cute kid's place with the car chairs and toys and hairstylists who were experienced at dealing with a squirmy toddler. I figured I'd make his first haircut experience fun and then he wouldn't mind going again. Wrong. Ez did like the car chairs, and the toys, but as soon as the stylist sprayed water on his head he lost it. 

Judging from these photos, you'd probably think it was a decent experience, maybe average at worst. No. Ez acted like she was cutting off limbs with every snip of the scissors. There were giant crocodile tears and "mom, how could you let her hurt your baby" accusing looks. There were escape attempts and genuine terror on his face. The whole experience was way more traumatic than shots, mostly because it took so much longer. The only reason I don't have any pictures of him crying is because I had to put my phone down and try to wrangle him to sit still since there were sharp objects near his face and he was flailing around, trying to grab the scissors out of the stylist's hands. Fun times.

We managed to get through it in one piece by filling his hands with as many car toys as he could hold, and substituting them out for new ones as soon as he started to lose it again. In between I managed to snap a few non-crying shots. Priorities.

At the end he got a certificate saying how brave and tearless he was (lies) and he got to pick a toy from a giant shelf filled with all kinds of dollar store toys. Of course he cried again because he only got to pick one toy, when clearly he needed two new balls to add to his collection at home of 500 balls. (I swapped them both out for a toy airplane/air-pa when he wasn't looking.) And then he cried when we left. Of course. Apparently he'd decided he was a fan of the place and wanted to stay and play with all the toys. 

From here on out Daddy buzz cuts Ez and baby bro's hair. I'm not falling for that cute car chair ploy ever again. So much for the fun experience I was anticipating.

Afterward we both needed a pick me up so we stopped by Barnes & Noble where I got to browse a stack of best sellers and Ez got to play with the toy trains. Win/win.

How old was your child when they had their first haircut? Did they love it or hate it?


  1. Lololol poor guy!! They need that extra ball, it's not a complete collection until he hits 501! Hehe
    His curls are so adorable I would hate to see them go to but The hair Baggie and certificate is a nice keepsake :)

    Elliott is only 8 months old and already needs a hair cut! Only around his ears and forehead though. He still has baldish spots on the sides! Lolol

  2. Poor little guy! If it's any consolation, his haircut looks great!

  3. Ah toddlers and their drama! They cry when we do what they want and again when we don't! He looks very grown up with his new hair cut! I don't see how ppl would mistake him for a girl but maybe it's bc I know he's a boy? But tangles are no fun so so yay for being able to cut his hair short. Somedays i'd like to do that to avoid the hair drama but I can't do it!

  4. hahaha, oh Ez. Buzz cuts from here on out! Aria hasn't had her hair cut yet. She'd probably be pissed if I messed with her princess hair. He looks super cute with his new short hair though =)

  5. awwww…. poor thing. My younger one was very similar!! HE looks like a lil man now!

  6. I always have mixed feelings about haircuts. My son got his first at 18 months and he looked so much neater afterwards, but it was still sad to see his little wispy baby ends gone. :( My husband just cuts my son's hair and he does a great job!

  7. Wow, that place is perfect for a first haircut! Poor baby, he prob didn't know What to think!

  8. Aww, his hair looks great! Too bad he was so scared. Poor guy!