Tuesday, April 7, 2015

28 Week Bump Update - Baby #2

We are now firmly in the third trimester! I've forgotten to take a real bump picture for the last few weeks, so here's a collage of my first two trimesters instead. 

I haven't been having any crazy pregnancy symptoms lately, but I've had a lingering cough for almost two weeks now which makes sleeping impossible. Thankfully nobody else in the house has it, and I think it resulted from allergies. 

Lately my appetite is all off. I'm either ravenous or not hungry at all, and usually I'm starving and snacky through the afternoon, but then I don't want anything for dinner. Joe's eaten a lot of lean pockets and popcorn for dinner. Sorry, babe!

We've made some progress as far as the nursery/shared room goes. Both the dresser and Ez's big boy bed are nearly complete. The bed has been a 3 day process (so far) and resulted in almost giving up and paying someone to put it together for us, not to mention several tantrums on Ez's part because he's obsessed with tools and gets really mad that he can only use his toy tools and not the real screwdriver. At this point I feel done with Ikea forever, but I have a feeling I'll forget that next time we need furniture. 

A little over a week ago we had our last appointment with the specialist/3D doctor. Everything's looking good, and we got some more pics of baby #2:

Here's a comparison of Ez and littlest Craig (Ez on the left, baby #2 on the right):
I definitely see a resemblance!
As you may be able to tell from the content and length of this update, I'm exhausted. If there's one thing I miss right now, it's sleep. Fingers crossed this cough goes away, Ez adjusts well to his big boy bed, and sleep starts happening again (like, immediately)!

If you feel like taking a look back, here's all my past Baby #2 bump updates. And here are my bump updates from when I was pregnant with Ez.


  1. I'm fascinated by the 3D pictures. It's amazing what you can see now. Good luck with getting the nursery finished. IKEA furniture can be a pain, but I still love it haha.

  2. That is no good about your cough! I love the 3D pictures, it really is amazing!!!!

  3. That is no good about your cough! I love the 3D pictures, it really is amazing!!!!

  4. Awwww those pictures are so sweet!! It looks like you are going to have very similar looking babes! Get some rest momma, you look fab :)

  5. Sleeeeeep. I've felt exhausted this week. My gosh do I miss nap time. I try to couch nap while Aria watches her downtime Disney Jr and it never works...'MOM wake up.....' 'mama, trouble, help him' etc etc. She is very into her commentary. And yet if I tried to go to sleep at this moment..I'd probably lay in bed awake for an hour. I just don't understand how sleep can be so mean when most of us just love it oh so much.

  6. Ok it must be the weather bc I see Courtney's comment about being tired too and I"m beat! and Ikea... love to hate... Jake swears he's never getting anything there again after Callie's nightstand... but then we look at places we need storage.. and well you know how that goes lol! Good thing its a 90min drive so we don't go often!