Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

Hope you had a great Easter weekend! Our Easter festivities started on Thursday with a little crafting and egg hunting at a park with Ez's friends. This was actually Ez's 1st egg hunt ever since he was about 1 month pre-walking last Easter. Crazy how much changes in a year! This was also Ez's first experience with glue. Thankfully he decided it's not as yummy as it looks. 

The whole party was a ton of fun until Ez decided to dig near a tree that happened to be home to a billion ants. He and two other boys wound up with all kinds of bites, mostly on the feet for Ez. Makes me sad every time I see em :-/

Another first was decorating sugar cookies (which we kindly got from Paula and Jacob in the Boy Mom Box Swap - thank you!) Ez decorated the Mickey cookies, I did the bunnies. As you can see, we had slightly differing views in how many sprinkles belong on a single cookie. To each their own.
Friday we fit in another park play date where Ez decided he's obsessed with Bella, Ana (from Frozen), and going down the big boy slide all on his own. Quite the productive day!
Saturday we went to a local egg hunt at a nearby park. (Notice a theme with the parks here?) They split the hunts up by age group, so Ez went with the 2 year olds, and it was an absolute madhouse. They just scattered a ton of plastic eggs and the kids (aka a few over zealous parents) went crazy trying to collect them all as fast as possible. The whole thing was over in 20 seconds. Ez was happy with the 3 eggs he got, and I was happy to get outta there. We'll probably skip the local egg hunts until Ez is old enough to go by himself because that was a little scary. 
Saturday afternoon Ez dyed eggs for the first time. I stuck with 8 eggs because I had flashbacks to my childhood when we forgot an egg outside for weeks until the smell took over the neighborhood. Ez was so excited to see the eggs change colors that he threw one across the patio. But really 7 eggs was the perfect amount, 8 would've been overkill ;)
Easter morning! Ez's loved his Cars basket. In fact, the only way I could get him to hunt eggs was to crack one open and show him that maybe he'd find even more cars inside the eggs. (I filled them with mini cars instead if candy.) Then it was game on! 

Afterward we had some coconut pancakes and Ez played with the millions of new cars he got from the Easter Bunny. All in all it was a perfect Easter morning. Until the poop fiasco. But we won't relive those details yet. Too soon. 
And in case there was any doubt just how loved and spoiled this boy is, here are some grandparent gifts: 101 Dalmatians, Cars stuff, and some Spring clothes from Gangy and Grampa (not to mention a ton of gift cards for Joe and I, and maternity clothes for me - thanks mom!), a giant dump truck with his name on it from Great Grandma, and a cute build a bear bunny + chocolate bunny from Grandma Kat and Grandpa Brett. Such a lucky boy!
And of course there was a round of the traditional Easter Day cars game.
And I can't let a holiday pass by without a little flashback. Same boy, just bigger clothes and a much bigger personality:
Can't believe we'll have two next Easter! 


  1. Ooohhhh looks like such a fun weekend!
    I am starving! My mouth is watering from those cookie photos, even though a bit heavy on the sprinkles heheh ;)
    What a difference a year makes, they grow so fast :)

  2. oh yeah two next Easter! Mind blowing =) So much fun! all the cars! 7 eggs IS better than 8, way to go Ez!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Ezra is so cute! He did much better than my Wyatt, he cracked just about every egg he picked up when we dyed them. ;) Hahaha, love his idea of sprinkles, YUM!

  4. Looks like a great Easter weekend! Ezra is so adorable!

  5. Wow, he got to have so much Easter fun with a couple of egg hunts and dying eggs! Just think, next year you will have 2 kiddos! :)

  6. Fun festivities!!! Love all of these pictures. Those cookies look delicious. Looks like you had a great Easter weekend!!

  7. SO.MUCH.FUN. Also, did you get a new camera? I can't believe next Easter we will have 2 (!!!!!) kiddos!!!!

  8. Looks like such a GREAT easter! Love how focused he was on the egg hunt! Oh and those bunny cookies - they look delicious!