Thursday, April 2, 2015

Playing Catchup: Disneyland & the Clippers

How is it already April?? March was so full of activities and outings and mini getaways, not to mention this hacking cough that I caught a week ago that is making sleep impossible. In other words, March flew by in a bit of a blur, and I wanted to make sure to catchup on a few things before I forget about them and the pictures get lost in the cyber graveyard that is Dropbox. 

You may remember I made a Spring Bucket List, and on it I mentioned I wanted to hit up Disneyland a few more times before it gets too hot. So, of course, I picked the hottest day of the year so far for Ez and I to go to good ol' Dland. It was basically a super-expensive splash pad with Cars characters thrown into the mix. (Well, it would've been expensive if we didn't have passes.) We started off with breakfast at Boudin Bakery in California Adventure, and by the time we finished it already felt like about 90 degrees. We bee-lined over to the water play area in Bugs Land where Ez got soaked, and I couldn't resist running through the water a few times too, under the guise of chasing Ez around, of course. Pregnancy + summer is a bad combo. 

Eventually the water area got crowded, because that was clearly the smartest place to be, so Ez and I headed over to Cars Land, and happened to have perfect timing for a photo op with Lightning McQueen. It might not look like it in the picture, but Ez was pretty psyched, and after our turn was over he kept waving and saying "bye bye car." I couldn't take the heat any longer, so we made another trip to the water area, but on the way we saw a...(drumroll!) Fire Truck!! Ez is obsessed, so of course we had to get a picture. Apparently the truck's name is Red. Again, it's hard to tell from the picture, but Ez's day was pretty much made by that point. We did a few more runs through the water, rode three rides in Bugs Land, got ourselves some cold drinks from Starbucks, and called it a day. Ez passed out in the stroller and didn't even wake up when I put him in his car seat. That's definitely the sign of a good day. 

On Tuesday Joe's work got a suite for the Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors game. This was Ez's first NBA game, and he got the total VIP treatment. Is this kid spoiled, or what?? I've never been in a suite before, but they had a whole buffet set up, and tons of snacks plus alcohol and soft drinks. If I wasn't pregnant (or a vegetarian) the setup would've been amazing. As is, I just stuck with lemonade and chips + guac, which I was happy with. I think we got one of the best suites in the place. We were dead center court. Of course we spent most of our time chasing a wired toddler around the room, but if we were just going to sit and watch the game we couldn't have asked for a better view. 

Ez absolutely loved the entire experience. After his nap I told him that we were going to a basket ball game when Daddy got home, and after that he kept saying "ba ba ga Dada?" (I'm pretty sure that translates to "basket ball game Dada", in case you were wondering.) When we got to the Staples Center he was skipping down the hallway, stopping every now and then to charm older ladies. And when we actually got in the suite he went straight to the window to watch the game, and every time the crowd cheered he'd get so excited and start clapping and stomp his feet then turn around to bury his head in Joe's lap. Clearly the kid was overwhelmed with joy. I definitely think we've got a budding sports fanatic in the house. Let's just hope he and Daddy cheer for the same teams!

Around halftime we left to get some ice cream and wander around the Clippers store. All the jerseys were 60% off, which means the kid's Chris Paul jersey was only $11. Score! We got one for Ez (Joe and I got free ones when we got there), and then headed outside for a few photos before heading home. By the time we got to our car it was almost 10, but Ez was so excited that he actually stayed up the entire car ride. We made sure to tell him that we hoped he enjoyed that, because it's never going to happen again ;)  Well, not unless Joe's work pays again!

blurry but mandatory selfie
Not sure if you can tell, but there are minions dancing with the cheerleaders
Daddy + Son in matching jerseys
I think that pretty much catches us up to April. We're super excited for the upcoming Easter festivities, including dying eggs and Ez's first egg hunt! What Easter plans and traditions are you and your family doing this weekend?


  1. What a busy little guy he is! Looks like he is having a great time in the water and at the stadium! Normally my family does an egg hunt at my grandmothers house after lunch however I live in a different state so I do not attend! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Are those eggs in a bread bowl? Naturally you'd pick the hottest day. Always works like that. Or even the coolest day and you thought it would be hot then you have a chill all day. That was us last time, although Aria had an extra 4 outfits so she was fine. Chris however complained the whole day ha. Ez certainly looks like he is melting.

  3. I'm always so jealous of your Disney pictures! I wish we lived close to one so I could go more often. That game sounds so fun! I've only been in a box one and it didn't sound nearly as fun as yours.

  4. Oh my goodness, I swear he gets cuter every day! I love his curls and those big cheeks! I could eat him up! Those photos of him in the water are so cute!

  5. Looks like two huge fun adventures! Yay for the work paid basketball game!!! I love love the minions dancing with the cheerleaders - how fun that must have been for Ez! Oh and the water play at Disney looks so much fun! Can you send some of that heat our way?!