Tuesday, April 14, 2015

29 Week Bump Update - Baby #2

According to Baby Center, baby is the size of a butternut squash this week, and he definitely feels like he's taking up that much space. Of course, butternut squash varies a lot, as you can see from this photo:

Based on his movements, I'm gonna assume he's on the bigger side as far as butternut squashes go. Sometimes it feels like he's stretching out all his limbs at once and you can see my belly move up by my ribs and down below my belly button at the same time. He's an active little guy. 

Heartburn has been making more of an appearance in the last week. Apparently sugar is not my friend right before bed. My solution, of course, is to eat sugar for breakfast instead ;) Cupcakes are basically a breakfast food, right? One had strawberries in it, so it's like a muffin with a lot of delicious frosting. On the bright side, after 3 weeks my cough has finally subsided and I've gotten the first few nights of good sleep in what feels like forever. I don't even have to sleep at a 90 degree angle with a dozen pillows propping me up anymore, which my back is very thankful for. It's amazing how a few extra hours of sleep can make me feel like a brand new person. 

Since Ez and I were gone all week visiting family we haven't made much more progress on their shared room. Ez's big boy bed and the new dresser/changing table are both 90% complete. Next up is rearranging their room, washing and sorting tons of baby clothes , and finally picking out a stroller and infant carseat. 

Best moment of the week was definitely my baby shower. It was so great to be able to see everyone at least one more time before Baby Craig gets here. And I'm still in awe over all the seriously cute baby stuff, it was fun pulling it all out to show Joe when we got home last night. This week I'm looking forward to getting the boys' shared room in order, as well as our last photo shoot as a family of three this weekend. 

Here's a comparison of me at 29 weeks with Ez on the left, compared to now on the right:

Even though my bump grew a lot faster this time around, I think it's pretty much caught up to where I was last time at 6 months. I remember 6 months was the mark where people started seeming surprised that I was "only" six months, meaning apparently that was the point that I got huge. On a sidenote, I'm not sure why people say half the stuff they say to pregnant women. Just stick with "you're glowing!" or "you look great!" and never, ever talk about weight. K, rant over ;)

You can check out all of Baby #2's Bump Updates here and all of Ez's Bump Updates here. Thanks for following along!


  1. Yay for better/more sleep!!!!! That always does a body good! :)

  2. Sleep is amazing. I still vividly remember the first night Aria slept basically all night. I was like WOO HOO LETS HAVE MORE BABIES! So a new person, and apparently one that is insane too.

  3. You look great! People have been telling me I look like I'm about to pop for weeks. I still have 2 more to go! haha I hope you continue to sleep well. Rest definitely helps.

  4. Ah yes, the things people say to pregnant women, like when my husband's friend said during my first pregnancy, "I saw Justine the other day and she looked ready to pop!" Yeah, I still had three months left.
    And hey, rearranging furniture and fixing rooms, I'm right there with ya!

  5. Wow! 29 weeks already! . You look wonderful!

  6. I've heard from so many ladies their bump grew faster the 2nd time around, I think it's amazing the body almost seems to remember what it is supposed to do!