Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's the Little Things: Daddy at Gymboree

Yesterday about halfway through Gymboree Ez and I got a pleasant surprise when Joe showed up. He was on his way to work when he got a call that they were working from home instead, and since he's never been to a Gymboree class before he decided to stop by. Ez and I hadn't been to class in two weeks because of my infamous cough, so Ez was already pretty wired to be there. But then he saw his Daddy and he started running around like a little Tazmanian Devil, climbing over everything, crawling through the tunnels, and literally just running in circles. He was pretty excited to show off his Gymboree skills ;)

Bonus that Joe was there for all the little parent/child dances we do at the end of class. My back doesn't agree with all the lifts and exertion that the dances require, so I've been half-assing it for awhile. With Joe there Ez finally got the full effect and he was loving every minute of it. 


  1. Awwwww.... My kids go bonkers when dad unexpectedly show up!!

  2. Oh that's such a fun surprise!!! Fun for Ez and that mom got a break from the heavy lifting! :)