Monday, April 27, 2015

Ez's 2 Year Old Wishlist

I was reading Callie's birthday wishlist over at The Chronicles of We, and I realized two things: one - her and Ez's birthdays are super close, and two - I should probably get to work planning Ez's birthday and whatnot ;) 

Ez has so many toys we could open up a toy shop from our living room and still have cars leftover. He really doesn't need anything for his birthday, and his favorite birthday present would probably be for visitors to come over and sit on the floor to play trains or cars with him. But for anyone that does still want to get him something I've put together some ideas of things he's shown interest in and doesn't already have.

1. Lighting McQueen Sheet Set - Ez just got his big boy bed, so I'm hoping some of his favorite Disney characters will make it that much more inviting to him.
2. Stacking Train - We came across this at a children's store and Ez was having a grand ol time playing with it while I got to shop in peace. I pretty much had to drag him away when it was time to go.
3. Animals Sound Puzzle - Puzzle + animal sounds = nuf said! They also make one with car sounds, which I'm sure he'd love too.
4. Music Set - Ez has some cymbals and a maraca which he has been loving lately, so it'd be fun to expand his instrument collection a little. Who knows, maybe he's a future rock star? ;)
5. Little Helper Broom Set - Ez is a little weirdo and he loves to clean. He's especially obsessed with the broom and dustpan, so I'm pretty sure he'd go crazy over one his own size.
6. Water Table - Apparently all toddlers love these things, and since Ez loves splashing in any body of water he comes across, this would probably be hours if entertainment for him.

Other ideas: 
Ez is obsessed with cars, motorcycles, planes, and pretty much anything that goes. He also loves all things Disney Cars.
4T clothes would be best, since he's already pretty well stocked on 3T.
Pampers Splashers Swim Pants in size 5 would be incredibly useful!

I know I keep saying it, but I still can't believe I'll have a 2 year old in less than three weeks! What are your toddlers favorite toys/gifts? Anything I'm leaving off the list?


  1. This looks a lot like my soon to be 2yr old's list. He would probably ask for hotwheels instead of the stacking train though.

  2. My son is also turning 2 later this year. I will have to keep these ideas in mind for him!

  3. Marli has the train set and she really likes it. We even attached a little rope to it so she can drag it around the house. :) We recently purchased her a training tricycle so she could learn to ride and LOVES it.

  4. Awwwww everything is sooo cute!!
    Lol he's a weirdo and loves to clean, here's hoping he keeps that up throughout his teenage years :))))
    I want a water table for Elliott too!!!

  5. An animal sound puzzle! That is a nifty toy. We have the train, love it. Aria uses her little cleaning set a ton. I have to hide it on occasion.

  6. OH this is a great list!!! That train looks super fun! Oh and water tables are always a hit! Callie got one for easter last year and her 6 & 8 year old cousins were playing with it! What a fun list! When exactly is Ez bday?
    ps thanks for the shout out!