Monday, April 20, 2015

Cousin Time

We spent our Saturday on a marathon family-visiting session, starting with lunch with Joe's cousin and her son, who's two years older than Ez. Ez's cousin was super excited to see Ez. Until they actually came face to face, that is. Then they both hid behind moms' skirts shyly peering out at each other. After they'd both gotten some food in their bellies they jumped down from their chairs and were running around the patio like they were the best of friends. Logan is a great big cousin, he was really patient and interactive with Ez, and Ez found him hilarious. We pretty much had to drag Ez away at the end, with promises of more park dates in the very near future. 

Afterward we brought lunch over to Joe's grandma since she wasn't feeling well enough to meet us for lunch. We caught up with her for a little bit before we had to head to our next stop - Target for a birthday present - then to a birthday party at another of Joe's cousin's house. Ez had a blast chasing his cousins around, sharing his toy cars, dancing, and playing hot potato. I love the last two videos, Ez is totally in his element - the little party animal!

If you were paying close attention, there was pretty much no napping whatsoever, so this was Ez by 8:00:

And Joe and I with our exciting weekend evenings:

Biore strips are so gross, but oh so satisfying!

We also did a mini photo shoot on Sunday, so expect (more) pictures soon :)

How did you spend your weekend?


  1. Yay for the mini-photoshoot!!! Maternity, I presume? I've been wanting to do one, but just haven't gotten motivated enough. If I'm still preggo this weekend, perhaps I'll squeeze something in. haha I should get my husband to do Biore strips with me! I didn't even know those were still around! Oh and your bump is looking super cute! :)

  2. oh can't wait to see the photos!!! Man you pack more into a weekend than I do during the week!!! Love all the family fun! Slightly older cousins are the best!