Monday, February 6, 2017

Our Weekend: Free Museum Day

It's been a long while since I've done a weekend recap post (or really any blogging at all), but since it was our first full weekend here I felt the need to document it ;) 

This Saturday was free museum day in Sacramento AND we happened to get a brief break from the rain so we headed straight over to the train museum since Ez and Declan are both obsessed with trains, or "choo CHOOs!!!" as Declan calls them. Turns out it's a good thing we went on the free day because Ez was totally intimidated by the giant life-size trains. He planted his feet and did not want to go anywhere near them. Declan was the complete opposite and wanted to crawl right over the "DO NOT CLIMB" signs and explore every nook and cranny of each train up close and personal. Two very different and equally stubborn personalities those two have. One thing they both agreed on and loved was the miniature model train set upstairs. But since they've got a free one of those right up the street at the toy store we'll probably stick with that in the future. Despite the mixed reviews from Ez and Declan, we all had fun burning off some energy and enjoying the sunshine for a bit.

On Sunday we kept up with the museum theme and walked around Sutter Fort. I've never been there before and it was pretty cool that you could walk right inside a lot of the rooms and check out all the old furniture and tools and weapons from the 1800s. They had a room full of rifles that was locked (thankfully). You could look through the door but not actually open it. Declan was not having that. He made it his personal mission to try to break into that room and every time we tried to move on he'd run back and tug on the door knob, then try climbing through the window, and at one point we even saw him trying to open up the sewer grate. Just a little glimpse into what we're dealing with on a daily basis from this kid. All signs seem to be pointing toward him being a criminal mastermind in the near future.

Aside from the rifles the boys' favorite part of the trip was definitely the water fountain outside of the fort. Pretty much the whole time we were wandering inside the fort Ez was solely focused on either collecting rocks to throw in the water or asking if we could go throw rocks in the water. Priorities. A close second to the water fountain was probably the cake pops we got afterward. Who can say no to heart sprinkles?

Declan sitting at the tables yelling for "CAH!!!" (aka - graham crackers)

We're already looking forward to exploring the city more just as soon as these torrential downpours we're getting let up a bit. Hope you all had a nice, cozy, dry weekend with your loved ones!


  1. What a really fun weekend! That museum looks like a blast and you got some really great pictures.