Wednesday, February 1, 2017

We Moved! Goodbye San Jose

Well, we did it. We moved!! Thanks for all your congrats and well wishes. Things went about as seamlessly as we could hope for. But more on that later. First I wanted to do a little roundup of our favorite San Jose things, which we tried to cram into our busy schedule as soon as we knew we'd be leaving the area. We didn't move that far away, so we can still go visit if we feel like it, but there's also plenty of new places to explore so the odds of us driving back anytime soon aren't great. 

First up we had do a hike at our favorite Redwoods spot: Henry Cowell State Park. We went on New Year's Day, and it was fuhreeeezing, but oh so worth it. I think we've managed to go there at least once every season, and each season holds its own beauty and charm. 

Next up, one of my most favorite things about living in San Jose was weekday train rides downtown to visit my sister for lunch. I'll miss that most. But we're actually closer to where my sister lives now, so I definitely see plenty more get togethers in our future. 

One of Ez's must-do weekly activities was a walk down to our neighborhood motorcycle dealership. He loves checking out all the bikes, and everyone who works there is seriously so nice and welcoming. We've tried visiting other motorcycle shops but the employees tend to hover. Toddlers and motorcycles is a nerve-wracking combo, I totally get it. That's the normal reaction. But "our" shop would let them touch the seats and handlebars, getting their little smeary finger prints everywhere, and they even got to sit in the three-wheeled vehicles and pretend to drive. We're gonna miss them! Probably a lot more than they'll miss us ;)

And of course we had to squeeze in a few more trips to our backyard park. Since we lived in a condo and didn't have a real yard, that park was a lifesaver. Declan went from not even being able to crawl, to wobbly walking, to running and climbing everything there, so I'll always hold a teensy tiny bit of nostalgia for that park. 

While the boys spent the night at Gangy and Grampa's so Joe and I could focus on the move we managed to squeeze in one last date at our favorite vegan restaurant, followed by non-vegan cupcakes. Balance? Balance. ;)

And honestly that's about all we had time to do between packing, several weekends in Sacramento house hunting, and the boys and I staying with my parents while Joe traveled for work. It was a crazy month for sure, and I'm looking forward to a nice, laid back February. Next up: details about the actual move. 


  1. I love that you guys made the most of your time in San Jose. It looks like a beautiful area. Those Redwoods blow me away! So gorgeous. And the weekday train rides? That sounds so awesome. Can’t wait to follow along your next adventure!

  2. Now that is a gem of a motorcycle shop! You need to make a California bucketlist of all these great places!

  3. Congrats on the big move! I'm drooling over all those gorgeous hiking trail photos. I know you guys are destined to find more in your new locale. So, when can we come visit?????