Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! My 5 Favorite Memories of Joe

Happy Valentine's Day! I wish you all a love and chocolate-filled day. 

In honor of our 5th Valentine's Day together I'm sharing five of my favorite pre-kid memories of Joe and I. First of all, it's pretty crazy that this is only our fifth Valentine's Day because it feels like we've experienced decades worth of adventures together already. Just narrowing it down to five favorite memories was so hard, and I'm leaving tons of good ones out. I guess I'll just have to save those for another Valentine's Day <3 

1. My most favorite vacation of all time was our babymoon to Kauai almost exactly four years ago. I could easily pick a dozen favorite memories from that trip alone, from snorkeling, to nearly capsizing while kayaking because Joe just had to collect giant leaves from the water, dropping Ez's baby shoes in the ocean, the roosters and the cats, hunting down the malasada lady, the waterfalls and the gorgeous beaches, everything about it was so magical and I couldn't imagine a better travel buddy to experience it with. 

2. Joe does infamously bad impersonations of everyone. Like intentionally really bad. And he used to do one of my cat that cracked me up. One time my cat jumped off our third story balcony and disappeared for a week. Definitely not funny when it happened, but after we found him and enough time had passed for us to look back and laugh he made up a song in my cat's "voice" to the tune of Call Me Maybe:

I jumped off the balcony
Call me crazy
Look for me next door
Find me maybe

That's just one of many, many examples of Joe's goofball side I could give you, but I still crack up thinking of my crazy cat whenever that song comes on.

3. Speaking of making the best of awful situations, a few months before I got pregnant with Ez we found out I was having an ectopic pregnancy. So basically we went from not knowing I was pregnant, to finding out I was, to finding out something was wrong, to finding out I needed immediate emergency surgery to remove part of my fallopian tube. A rollercoaster of emotions all in the span of a day. It probably seems weird that this would make my list of favorite memories but through it all Joe was not only by my side, but he really made me feel safer and even managed to make me laugh a few times despite me being terrified. As awful as that whole situation was I really learned just how much I could lean on Joe in the worst situation and it ultimately made our relationship stronger. And while we're at being able to lean on Joe, he has literally saved mine, Ez, and Declan's lives (me from being stranded on the side of a cliff while hiking and he had to heimlich Ez and Declan once each). He's our hero. 

4. Back when we were trying to secretly date at work (and failing miserably at the secretive part) we used to have all kinds of code names and gestures for each other. Thankfully Joe gives all his coworkers nicknames, so it was a little less obvious, but we called each other blank because I slipped up and called him babe once, so we just started calling each other "blank" all the time as a neutral nickname, and it's stuck. I still call him that all the time. Also rubbing our eyebrow meant I love you. LU & MU were love you and miss you when we were using the company messenger. Though if they really monitored our messages I'm sure it would've been obvious we were dating. Also, not super creative, I know ;) I have a feeling I'm leaving quite a few out, but those are the most memorable ones.

5. We have many Disneyland trips under our belt by now but on our very first trip together while I was barely pregnant with Ez we took all kinds of "baby bump" pictures around the park (nevermind that my baby bump was basically nonexistent). Annnnnd then all the photos got deleted. So what did Joe do? He took us back for a second trip just so we could recreate all the pictures. (And because who really needs an excuse to go to Disneyland?) The first (two) of many great Disney dates together.

If you made it through my long rambling trip down memory lane, thanks for following along! 

And to Joe:
Thank you for all the hard work you do for our family. It's crazy that five short years ago you really didn't have to worry about anything other than yourself and now look at how much you've taken on. Me plus two crazy kiddos and you take care of all of us so well. I couldn't imagine a better partner to be on this crazy ride called life with. I love you to infinity and beyond. 
Will you be my Valentine?

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