Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine Crafts for Your Littles

One of the best things about Pinterest is the whole world of crafting possibilities that I never would've thought up on my own. The worst thing about Pinterest? Pinning way more crafts that I could ever complete in a lifetime. There's just too many cute ones to choose from. Here are seven of my favorites from my Valentine's board, and if I'm being honest here we'll be lucky to complete one or two of these this year. 
  1. No Time for Flashcards has the perfect toddler heart Valentine craft. There's no precision required, not a ton of prep time, minimal supplies, and this would look adorable hanging up on the wall of the playroom.
  2. I am so intrigued by these melting hearts over at Kid's Play Box. If we get around to these this year it'll probably be more for me than for Ez ;)
  3. This thumbprint heart tree from Easy Peasy and Fun is basically a must-do. I can't say no to pink hearts and preserving Ez and Declan's tiny little fingerprints forever all in one adorable art piece.
  4. I've been wanting to make a holiday sun catcher ever since I first saw Courtney over at Sweet Turtle Soup do it, and I somehow just never remember to pick up the supplies when we're at the craft store. Fingers crossed this is the year we get around to it, and this heart handprint version from Crafty Texas Girls is perfect for Valentine's Day. 
  5. It doesn't get much cuter than Love Bugs!! The Chirping Moms have six adorable Valentine bug crafts and I kinda want to do them ALL. 
  6. These thumbprint heart magnets are perfect grandparent gifts. So simple and sweet. Head over to First Grade Blue Skies for instructions.
  7. No Time for Flashcards did it again with 14 different Valentine books and accompanying crafts. If I was on top of my holiday crafting game we could have been doing one each day leading up to Valentine's Day. Of course, I'm not, so if I had to pick just one it'd be this Huggy Kissy paper hug. 
And for nostalgia's sake, I've also done a little roundup of our past Valentine crafting adventures. Spoiler alert, we're huge fans of heart shaped sponge painting. It's kinda our fave. 

  1. Last year we made these photo and illustration Valentine's for the grandparents. 
  2. Two years ago Ez and I made dozens of sponge heart Valentine's for all our blogger friends. 
  3. And we also made a DIY Valentine mailbox using an old shoe box. 
  4. Apparently 2015 was a very productive crafting year for us because we also made handprint Valentine's for the grandparents. 
Wishing you all a hearts and flowers and chocolate-filled week!

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