Thursday, October 22, 2015

6 Monster Halloween Crafts

Lately Ez has been really into monsters, mostly because of this monster bowling set that he's slightly obsessed with. So when it came time to do our annual Halloween footprint craft I knew I wanted to do Monsters. I browsed Pinterest for awhile and didn't really find what I was looking for, so I improvised, but I did find a bunch of other cute monster crafts that we have either done in years past or that I'm hoping we'll get around to this year.

1. Monster Mobile from Happy Hooligans
2. Frankenstein Footprint from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
3. Rock Monsters from Free Kids Crafts
4. Mix and Match Felt Monsters from And Next Comes L
5. Glove Monsters from Craftaholics Anonymous
6. Monster Footprints:

This is too easy to even require instructions. All you need is some paint, some glue on googly eyes, some glue, a sharpie, and some willing (or not so willing) feet. Dip feet in paint, make a footprint, and let that dry. Then using your finger make different colored dots on the body and hair. Once that's all dry draw on the mouth and glue on some eyes. I'm sure you could figure that all out from the picture though. The hard part is successfully getting unwilling feet onto the paper. For that I suggest laying out a bunch of sheets of paper in a row and just stomping their feet on each one as quickly as possible. That way, if you're lucky, you'll get at least one good one. Good luck if you're trying to get two different feet on the same piece of paper!


  1. I do love those monster feet! those rock monsters though haha so cute.

  2. I love this craft! I made footprint rabbits at Easter and definitely want to do these for Halloween!