Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy 4 Months Declan!

Dear Declan,

You are the sweetest most expressive little baby. Those wide doe eyes always seems to understand exactly what I'm saying. And you just light up whenever anyone talks to you, chatting right back with your earnest little coos. You're quick to smile and laugh, but you've got a loud angry yell ready and waiting to let us know when you're not happy. If I don't get food in your mouth fast enough you like to flail and chomp like a spastic little monster. Don't worry, mama understands. I don't like being hungry either.

Right after you turned 3 months we got you an exersaucer and you started working real hard on your hand eye coordination. I forgot how cute it is to watch babies figure out difficult little tasks, like touching that really enticing toy right in front of your face. You stare intently while your hands hover in the vicinity of the toy, eventually swatting and batting till you make contact and get a content little smile on your face. Good job, baby boy. Mama's proud of you! Speaking of grabbing onto toys, your most favorite toy right now is your toes. You get pretty frustrated if they're covered up by socks. 

As far as stats go, you're a big boy. You're already wearing 6 month onesies, 6 or 9 month pants, and size 2 diapers. You're about 16 lbs, and you were 23.25 inches at your last doctor's appointment a month ago. Just take a look at the difference from two weeks to 3.5 months:

In other news, you can kinda sit up by yourself for a little bit before you topple over sideways. You've shed about half of your hair. You love to practice standing and you've been rolling over from tummy to back for well over a month now. You nap about two or three times a day. On a good night you'll sleep six hours, then wake up one or two more times. You often wake up in the best of moods, and like to lie there smiling and cooing to yourself. This month you've been congested and had a little cough which makes me so sad to hear, but you've been your usual cheerful self in spite of it.

- People watching - you love being out and about in the hustle and bustle.
- Being changed - you like getting dressed way more than big brother ever did.
- Chewing on your fingers. Or anyone's, really.
- Sticking your tongue out.
- Food. You haven't tasted it yet, but you knows you want it.
- Shows, music, dancing - any kind of spectacle really.
- Ez goofing off to make you laugh. 
- Baths.

- Getting out of the bath.
- Watching us eat.
- Car rides.
- Being tired.
- Ez invading your space.

You are such a sweet, calming presence. More than one person has commented on how soothing it is just to hold you in their arms. Your snuggly alertness always brightens my days. If I could I would bottle up every cuddle and freeze frame every smile. Your daddy, brother, and I love you more than you'll ever know. 


  1. I love that first picture of him in the elephant costume! So cute! He looks soooo much like Ezzy!!!

  2. I feel the love pouring out of this post. He is the cutest little elephant EVER!!! Does he ever stop smiling?!

  3. yay for toes!! Feet are so much fun!! Callie used to pull hers up to her mouth it was so funny. And oh yeah no point in socks for her she just took them off -- save yourself some laundry time! :)

  4. =) People watching is a good hobby, esp when combined with disney!

  5. Oh my lands, that elephant costume!!!! DYING. He is so cute I could eat him up! This makes me want another baby!!!

  6. They really, truly do grow up too fast! I remember 4 months so well by your writing, such a "discovery" age. Declan is such a cutie!