Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Thanksgiving

And just like that Thanksgiving is over. I remember after Halloween I said something to the tune of November being a relaxed, laid back month, but even without tons of stuff on the agenda it still flew by at lightning speed. 

It's crazy to think that last Thanksgiving we announced to our parents that we were expecting baby #2 and this year Declan was sitting at the table with us. 

Joe's mom and her husband flew in on Wednesday to spend the weekend with us and my parents and brothers drove over for Thanksgiving day. It was a full house and both Ez and Declan gleefully soaked up every single minute of extra attention. Ez took on the role of commanding each person to sit down, whether it was on the floor to play with him or at the table the second all the places were set. Declan was just happy to watch all the hustle and bustle from his grandparents' arms. 

Our menu consisted mostly of classic faves with a few twists. We had: turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, mac & cheese, homemade rolls (by my mom), zucchini casserole, butternut squash and blueberry salad, and salmon en croute that we got from Whole Foods. It's salmon, cream cheese, and spinach wrapped in puff pastry. So yummy! There was so much food that I couldn't take more than two bites of each thing before I was completely stuffed. Until dessert, of course. Then I magically found room for two pieces of pie (apple and pecan are my faves). 

After we all stuffed ourselves we walked over to the park and attempted taking approximately six hundred group photos. It was naptime by then, which means only about six out of six hundred photos turned out somewhat decent, but I kinda like the grumpy kid outtakes just as much as the smiley photos.

Then rest of our afternoon and early evening was spent half watching Star Wars while playing Headbandz, a ridiculously hard but fun and silly game which I highly recommend for big group settings. We also celebrated my stepdad's birthday, since he and my mom are spending the actual day at....(drum roll)...Disney World!! They're actually on the plane right now. Happy (almost) birthday Grampa! Have fun you two!

Food, family, games, and laughs = one successful Thanksgiving. I'm sad it's over, but also so ready to completely embrace all things Christmas. I just couldn't commit to trees and decorating until Thanksgiving had passed, but now it's game on! 


  1. I think I need that zucchini casserole recipe! Pretty please :)

  2. Declan looks so cute in his little turkey pants!!! It's amazing how fast time flies!

  3. I like that you respect the bird! ;) I love Ezra's face in that tablescape picture! ha He looks beyond thrilled! ;) Also, is that The Barefoot Contessa's butternut squash and kale salad?

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. That first picture of you four is so sweet.

  5. mmm reading the old thanksgiving posts I missed while we were at disney is making me hungry for turkey! Good thing we have some haha. Chris likes to get a couple turkeys when they go on sale and we made one up after Aria's disney bday trip. Yum! I love when people are around because Aria loves being the center of attention. It's so entertaining for her!