Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Weekend Explorations

October was so much fun but it was oh so busy as well. I made a fall bucket list, but it may as well have been called an October bucket list, because we cranked that thing out at record speed. Now that it's November I'm looking forward to a slower pace with more room for spontaneity and just roaming around outdoors on the weekends, exploring this new city we live in and seeing where the day takes us. 

This past weekend was exactly that. Two full days spent with my people wandering around without any strict schedules or destinations. Joe and Ez ventured out early on Saturday and came back with donuts. Then we walked to Starbucks on our way to a nearby rose garden that we'd read good things about but had yet to visit. On the way we happened to find a new-to-us library that was having their biannual book sale. An armful of Christmas and Disney Cars books later and we were back on our way. The rose garden was bigger and more beautiful than I was expecting. They had every color of rose you could imagine, including two tone and striped roses, which are my favorite. And the roses were so so fragrant, unlike the ones you usually get from the florist. Ez loved running around and pointing out all the different colors and Declan is pretty much always happy to be out and about.

Even if you factor in a fruitless Target trip later that day where we endured a solid twenty minutes of Ez chanting the word "motorcyky" (motorcycle) from the backseat, only to find that Target didn't have any rain boots, which is the whole reason we went there in the first place, I would still call it a perfect, cozy fall Saturday. And for anyone who thinks twenty minutes isn't that long, let me tell you, thousands upon thousands of brain cells can short circuit in that timespan. I'm pretty sure I've been brainwashed. Lately I hear myself randomly saying motorcyky for no reason.

When we got home from Target we started binge watching Parenthood, which somehow makes me laugh and cringe and cry and feel all warm and fuzzy each and every episode. Basically all the emotions come bubbling up in a 45 minute episode. Which really sums up what parenthood is like. Thanks for the recommendation, Amanda. If anyone needs me during the next month you can find me on the couch with a box of tissues ;)


  1. You guys sped through that Fall bucketlist at lightning speeds. What a fun month!! And what a nice weekend. Motorcyky!! So precious. And Parenthood is one of the greatest shows ever. I cried every single episode. I sure do miss that one.

  2. What a pretty garden, and speedy through your list. The list needs to be longer!! Haha. And yes to parenthood, every single episode I am bawling. That and Greys anatomy.

  3. I'm sorry target had no rain boots?! what the heck?! That garden looks really pretty. Sounds like a great fall weekend. Oh and parenthood. Yes always. I miss that show. I watched from the beginning and laugh and cry and be excited and scared etc all in 45mins. Yup sums up parenthood!

  4. Hooray for new books! Hooray for roses. That looks so fun. And in walking distance? even better. Too bad about Target. How do they not have rain boots?