Monday, December 7, 2015

Random Holiday Festiveness

Too many holiday activities and not enough time to post about it seems to be the theme this month. Not that I'm complaining. We're only a week into December and we've already had so much festive fun. 

This weekend we went to a nearby train station to watch the holiday train roll through. Santa, Mrs. Clause, and some other holiday characters walked around the platform saying hi to all the kids and handing out candy canes while carolers sang. My favorite part of the whole thing was when the train departed and the last car was blasting snow into the air. It was a fun way to add a little extra festiveness to our weekend, especially for a certain train-obsessed boy. 

We're doing our best to remember to keep up with our advent calendar, but I'd be lying if I said we don't routinely have to do three days worth at a time:

On Black Friday we busted out Ez's mini tree and some felt ornaments so he could go to town decorating. Declan was totally in the holiday spirit too and just loves being included in anything big brother is doing.

A week ago we went downtown to check out Christmas in the Park, which is a really fun little area that has an ice skating rink, a ton of decorated Christmas trees, Santa Clause, hot chocolate, and some small carnival rides. Nothing will put you in the holiday spirit like being surrounded by hundreds of Christmas trees. And ever since Ez got his own mini tree he's been obsessed with all things tree and ornament related. I can already tell this year will be the best Christmas ever. Not only will it be Declan's first Christmas, but Ez is more in tune with what's going on. Holidays with kids are the best.

We also got our tree and slowly decorated over the course of the weekend, which you've probably already noticed on Instagram, but I'll save that for another post. Hope you had a merry weekend as well!


  1. So much Christmas fun! That's awesome that the train was blowing out snow :) Holidays with kids really is the best ever.

  2. aww that's great.. looks like they had a great time

  3. Declan with the candy cane melts my heart. Seriously, squeezing in every activity; we had to miss a couple because I got sick but theres still time to celebrate thank goodness.

  4. What a fun little time for your family. I love those holiday trains!

  5. I have always wanted to do the Christmas train! We have got to try to do that! Looks like fun!

  6. Look at you guys! Already making so many festive memories this month. That Christmas train sounds awesome and I love that the last car blew out snow! I bet the kids loved that. Where is your advent from?

  7. That last picture is the or is it bomb dot com? What was that early 2000s? Good times.
    I love that the train made it snow. I love when it fake snows since that is all we get!
    ps I just realized while I was addressing Christmas cards that you are in the same city as my cousins-in-laws. If that is a thing. Fun coincidence.