Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Goodbye 2015

Do you ever look back on life and feel like some years went by so much more quickly than others? 2015 was definitely one of those years for me. So much was packed into twelve months. We moved. Twice. Our sweet little Declan joined the family and Ez grew by leaps and bounds as he took on the role of big brother. If it weren't for this blog and the insane amount of pictures I took I don't think I'd realize just how much these boys of mine have grown. In size, obviously, but also personality for both of them and maturity for Ez. It's just so crazy to think back on last New Years when it was just the three of us and I was barely in my second trimester of pregnancy. I mean, is this even the same kid??

And don't get me started on this guy:

He's grown twice as much as big bro in half the time. Obviously that's the kind of stuff that can get a mom all teary eyed. So before I start thinking about fresh starts and new beginnings and goals and all that fun stuff you'll have to give me a second for pure nostalgia as I look through old posts and pictures. If I had to oversimplify the last year into twelve posts to sum up all our major happenings, these would be them:

January: We sold our house and moved. Again. I know, we're always on the move.
February: We found out Declan's gender! This feels like ages ago and reading this post brought back all kinds of happy emotions.
March: We were all over the place: San Jose (back before we knew we'd be living here), San Francisco, and San Diego all in one month.
April: My mom threw me a surprise baby shower. Technically I found out beforehand, but it's the thought that counts. Thanks mom!
May: Ez turned 2. And it boggles my mind that he's almost 3. Sob.
June: Declan arrived! And as I sit here looking at my chubby, cooing six month old I can hardly believe how tiny and helpless he was six months ago.
July: Joe and I turned a year older. It was a lowkey birthday weekend, but will forever be one of my most memorable ones as we adjusted to being a family of four.
August: We moved again. Yes it was crazy moving with a toddler and a newborn. But it seriously has been the best thing for our family. We love it so much and we're excited to put down roots here.
September: We fit in one last family trip to Disneyland before the big move. Believe it or not Declan has somehow managed three Disney trips in his six months of life. We got caricatures done, visited Cars Land, and ate our favorite foods.
October: I shared a typical day in our life with a toddler and baby in our new place. Nothing groundbreaking here, but in this crazy, sleep-deprived stage of our lives, I know I'll look back at this and smile one day.
November: Joe and I hosted our first big Thanksgiving dinner and I think it went pretty well.
December: I know everyone says this, but this year's Christmas really was the best ever. Until next year, that is ;)

As lovely and momentous and life changing as 2015 was, I have a feeling 2016 will be a great one too. We've got some big things planned, maybe a few trips, a little family reunion and wish me luck because potty training is in my near future and I'm terrified. Toddlers can smell fear, can't they? 

In all seriousness though, I'm so excited to see what the next year has in store for us. And I wish you all luck on your goals and hope 2016 turns out to be the best one yet. 

Happy New Years Eve!


  1. Ummm two moves in one year!? Are you a superhero!? With babies too? Show me your ways!

  2. Those two cute boys of yours have grown so much!!! Love how squishy their cheeks are, Im a big (gentle) cheek pincher lol. I didnt know you and Joe shared a birth month?! (Also I just put two and two together and realized joni is your two names and NOT your last name, sigh ;) Happy NYE!!!

  3. Yes! 2015 went by entirely too fast. I've loved following along with via your blog!

  4. looks like a great year.. look at those two cuties!