Friday, July 24, 2015

Hello 32

Traditionally Joe and I like to do a mini getaway for our birthdays, since they're two days apart. This year we were thinking a day trip to Catalina Island would be doable with a newborn, but we realized we'd have to lug a lot of baby equipment on the ferry, and then this happened:

Torrential rain and lightning storms in July! That's not something we typically plan for in LA, so we improvised. Donuts for breakfast. A naptime shopping spree. Nachos. Cake. That pretty much covered my birthday wish list. And, most importantly, I got lots and lots of snuggles from all my boys. 

I'm officially at that stage of life where people ask me what I want for my birthday and I can honestly say I have everything I want. It's a nice stage to be at. Although the shopping spree was fun and kind of necessary, cause postpartum style is tricky.

I came across a few other bloggers who have birthdays within a few days of mine, and they both had really thoughtful posts about the life lessons and wisdom they've gained over the years. It got me thinking about what I've learned in my 32 years. But let's be honest, my brain is postpartum, sleep-deprived mush right now. The only bit of wisdom I can think of right now is: "stock up on coffee" - which is more of a grocery list than profound wisdom (although I still think it's good advice). 

Kate and Stephanie, on the other hand, are both so eloquent and thoughtful and came up with some great life lessons that had me nodding along and wishing I'd known all this a decade ago. Maybe by next year I'll have regained enough brain cells to write my own post (brain cells grow back, right??) But this year, how bout I just send you over to their blogs with a big "ditto!" and "what she said." 


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like the perfect way to celebrate a birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! Donuts for breakfast and not doing anything sounds like a perfect day! ;)

  3. lol ditto and what she said! Man that makes for an easier blog post, I'm doing that from now on =) Happy Birthday!! Donuts and some shopping and nachos and snuggles sound like a great bday. I'd be spending mine that way with a newborn. I was still spending my first bday after Aria that way. Although it did mark her first eating out experience, which terrified me and then was awesome. Broke the ice!