Thursday, July 2, 2015

Our First Week as a Family of Four

The above pictures pretty much sum up our lives lately: messy, chaotic, but filled with love. Also in the mix? Plenty of family snuggles on the couch, some chain reaction meltdowns (Ez isn't a fan of Declan crying), way more dirty diapers than I care to count, and enough Cars marathons that Joe and I have the whole thing memorized. 

Somehow Ez made out like a bandit on Declan's birthday and managed to triple his car collection. At some point can we just trade in all his toy cars for a real one? They have been keeping him occupied though, so if he's happy, I'm happy, even if I have to dodge car landmines every time I walk through the living room.

Since we were eager to get back to our new "normal" we only spent one night in the hospital. Declan slept for two days straight, and now he's slowly starting to stay awake for longer stretches and get to know his surroundings. Remember how he used to kick every time Ez would snuggle on my belly? Well it turns out he's not a fan of that outside of the womb either. Ez likes to snuggle Declan's head every now and then, and half the time Declan turns bright red and starts fussing. But he does turn around and look for big bro's voice whenever he's near. Sounds like a normal brotherly bond to me.

I've already had my first full day alone with my boys. And not just a normal day, but a looong 12 hour day. My hands were full, and at times it was pure survival mode, where the loudest kid got immediate attention while the other one fussed or cried, but for the most part things flowed relatively smoothly. Somehow one of us even managed to bathe, I got some individual snuggles with each of my boys, AND a few dishes got washed. That well exceeded my expectations, so of course I celebrated with a beer.

The number one reason our first week with two boys went so smoothly is because my parents came down for 5 days and entertained Ez. He had a great time and it was the perfect distraction from all the newborn crying and mommy tiredness. A huge thank you to Papa and Gija!


  1. Way to go momma! You are doing such amazing things. Having two little ones must be stressful chaos at times, but you're so full of love. That will always outweigh the hard times.

  2. I remember these days. Going from 1 kid to 2 kids is a bigger deal than most people think. Your family is adorable and it gets easier!

  3. Look at that happy sweet baby! It makes me anxious for my little one (still over 4 months away). A big congratulations!

  4. How cute are they?!!! I know this season is tiring and chaotic but before you know it they'll both be nearly teens!

  5. Oh so fun! Oh so nutty. Oh so tiring. All the oh so's. And yes, I think some car companies totally go for the trade in your toy cars for a real one deal!