Monday, July 27, 2015

Christmas in July

I don't know if you've noticed this, but summer is seriously lacking in holidays. Especially of the present-giving variety. Thankfully Courtney, Elizabeth, Jamie, and Amanda took care of that with a Christmas in July blogger gift exchange. The more Christmases, the better! 

Ally over at Even Miracles Take a Little Time and her adorable daughter Lia put together the sweetest box full of fun gifts for Ez, and even included a little something for Declan. Talk about spoiling us! Ever since his birthday, Ez has really gotten the hang of present-opening. In fact, he's a little overzealous and assumes anything in a bag or box is a present for him. All our explanations otherwise have so far fallen on deaf ears. But last Thursday was his lucky day, because he got a whole box full of wrapped gifts to open up! Talk about toddler paradise. 

Ally hit all the bases as far as Ez's interests go. There were some construction vehicles, some dinosaurs, some wands, a puzzle, books, vehicle flash cards, and monster truck stickers. Stickers are actually a new obsession over here, so the timing couldn't have been more perfect. We immediately tore into those and got to work sticking them onto a card and peeling them off over and over again. Throughout the day he kept going back to the box and rediscovering something new. Thank you so much Ally, you really made it feel like Christmas over here!

Be sure to head over to the linkup to check out everyone else enjoying their gifts. Merry Christmas in July!

A lil something for baby bro. So sweet!


  1. How fun! What great gifts! I wanted to do that this year, but didn't have the extra money. Hopefully next time!

  2. Wow! What a lovely gift! I bet Ez was ecstatic to get such a fun box in the mail!!!

  3. aww the skip hop owl!!! that's my fave - I miss the dangly toy phase. =(
    Aria always thinks anything in the mail is a present for her too. Present for me mama?? No babe just diapers haha. But on occasion! The fun things come too.

  4. I am so glad he loved his Christmas in July box! We had a blast shopping for Ez and Declan!
    I am happy the stickers were such a hit - Lia loves stickers too :)
    I personally love glow wands and anything that glows. So I picked some up for us too ;)
    Merry Christmas a little early !
    Ally and Lia too

  5. aww, such fun gifts! And that little owl for Declan is adorable!