Friday, July 3, 2015

Ez's Week With the Grandparents

Going from only child to big sibling can be rough. Ez was used to 100% attention, all eyes on him, and getting exactly what he wanted when he wanted it (within reason). Now he's had to grow up a little, learn to be more patient, and share mommy's time and lap with a strange, loud little baby. It's a lot for a two year old to comprehend. One thing that made the transition much easier (or at least prolonged it for a bit) was having the grandparents distract Ez with fun activities in the first days after Declan arrived. I already mentioned in my last post what a huge help they were, but I thought I'd share a little more of Ez's fun week with the grandparents, since they sent so many cute photo updates.

First of all, my parents were already planning on coming down to visit on the 25th, so the fact that Declan decided to make his entrance that day worked out well. They just left a few hours earlier than they originally planned, and got there right before Ez woke up from his nap. When Ez walked back into the hospital room (he'd already been there once that morning, pre-nap), his eyes lit up and he bee-lined for Grampa (aka - Papa). He seriously didn't even look at me (although I think he was still a little scared of me at that point). It definitely eased my mind knowing that Ez was in good hands and having a good time while I was in the hospital and on 24/7 feeding duties. 

Here's a little recap of their adventures:

Ez got to tour a fire station and climb in all the fire trucks, which is basically his fantasy come to life. I'm told he made lots of siren sounds throughout the tour and he also got a badge sticker, which he proudly wore all day long.

Grampa took Ez swimming every day they were here. Ez is a little fish, and from what I hear was completely fearless in the water - jumping in over and over again, dunking his face underwater, and demanding to swim all on his own. Each day they had to lure him out of the water with the promise of food, otherwise I'm sure he'd still be in there.

I requested they take him to get his haircut. I figured maybe he'd be more civil in front of them than he was the first (and last) time he got his haircut. I was wrong:

Thankfully ice cream makes everything better:

And they even braved the heat for a morning trip to Disneyland, and a special evening trip just to watch the fireworks. If you knew how anti-sun, anti-summer, anti-heat my mom is, you'd understand that's a HUGE deal.
Is that one spoiled, super-loved boy, or what?

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  1. oh hey me and your mom would get along - sunshine is for the birds.
    haha at the hair cut. Nice try mom.
    The firetrucks though! Every toddler's dream.