Monday, July 6, 2015

Photo Meltdown

Any parents out there have photos of all your kids looking happily in the general direction of the camera? Cherish those. Seriously. I now know that it's a nearly impossible task, and takes three times longer, twice as many photographers, and infinite patience to get a decent photo of two kids compared with just one. 

Our first family of four photo session was slightly disastrous. One crying newborn quickly turned into two crying kids. Ez refused to stay put, and then refused to look toward the camera. And in the few photos where the kids were calm and looking at the camera, of course mom looked exasperated or was blinking. 

Fast forward two hours and we had a handful of decent photos, two sleeping kids, and a bag of See's candy for me. I commented on how disastrous the shoot had been and Joe said it had gone about as well as could be expected and reminded me that Ez is still only two. From his perspective he was hungry, wanted a snack, and we were focusing all our attention on Declan, who was currently screaming, while ignoring the most important thing in Ez's two year old world at the moment: some goldfish crackers. 

Something about that little reminder hit a nerve. As soon as we got into the car I burst into tears. Not because of the photo shoot frustrations, but because I want my first baby to stay a baby. Having Declan here is such a visual reminder of how much bigger Ez has gotten in just two short years. Also, with an actual baby in the house, Ez has to grow up in certain ways because we can't coddle his every want and need instantaneously. I know he was bound to grow up and become more independent sooner or later, but it's too much for my hormonal self to handle at times.

Over the past two years I've had plenty of "stop growing so fast!" moments, but never accompanied by this many tears. It was such a flood of emotions. I could see Ez starting school, having sleepovers, driving, graduating, and leaving for college like it was all just around the corner, with Declan not far behind. I'm not sure if it's because I know how fast each newborn/baby/toddler phase goes now. Or because I think our little family may be complete, and there will be no more babies. But the whole "they grow up so fast" thing is really hitting me hard lately.

Any other mamas have these kinds of meltdowns? If not, we'll just call it postpartum hormones ;) Now you'll have excuse me, I'm off to cuddle my babies while they'll still allow it.


  1. Oh I have definitely been there! More than once. Even with a five year old. We paid for the memory maker package at Disney World thinking Mason would do better at taking pictures with the photographers there...but NOPE we were wrong. Most of the time he looked away or looked grumpy. The boy does not like pictures. Sigh!

  2. Oh man, they grow so quickly, don't they? My kids are now 8 and almost 11 and I can still remember holding them as babies. There are moments will I'll suddenly burst into tears thinking about how they're not babies anymore, if if I remember something they did as little ones. Keep reminding myself to make as many fun memories as possible.

  3. I feel your pain. Photo shoots NEVER go right for me either!!! It's so aggravating!

  4. Look at those sweet little faces!
    They look alike already :))

    I have those moments as well! With only having one babe (so far :)) I've been eager to see him hit the next stage of life and the next because it's been so fun but now I'm worried I haven't truely soaked in the stages as they're passing :(

    It's tough being a mama!

  5. I haven't had a complete meltdown, but I have had many, many moments of being awestruck at how time is just not on my side. I think it is on a lot of mom's minds because you are the third to wrote about it today and that's not including my post. You'd think it was a theme link-up :) Hang in there!

  6. Look at those sweet faces! I can't get Harper to sit still for two consecutive pictures right now so my dream of having another family shoot will have to wait a little longer. She was non-compliant at the first photo shoot too. LOL.

    It's great to watch them grow but it happens so quickly!

  7. i love that graphic hahaha so dang true! trying to entertain kids in the funniest ways just to get a smile :) awhhhh you seem like such a good mama! Savoring each and every moment as your little boys grow older. but each stage will be just a new and fun experience! as they grow, they'll grow closer and develop a relationship you love and i;m sure they will always love their mama at every new stage and age! hang in there girl! :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  8. I'm usually the one behind the camera trying every trick in the book to get kids to calm down/look in the right direction... I've learned there is only so much you can do and to just work with what you get... Usually I can get some great, if candid, shots once the kids get to know me a bit :)

  9. Oh my gosh, I'm having the same emotional breakdowns this week. Why do they have to grow up?! Why can't we just have more time?! It's not fair!!!