Monday, July 6, 2015

Our 4th of July Weekend

It was a weekend of firsts over here. Not only was it Declan's first 4th of July, but it was his first holiday ever. We also fit in his first beach trip and his first bath on Sunday. He nursed and then slept through the beach, but he was much more vocal during the bath. In less exciting news, his first poo-splosion coincided with Ez's first split lip. I've never seen a split lip firsthand before, but there's a lot blood involved. I'm not even sure how it happened, but I think Ez fell off his bed during the half a minute my back was turned. So we ended our holiday covered in poo and blood with a little glimpse into what life with two boys is going to be like. Other than that minor glitch, it was a perfect summery weekend, and of course we've got lots of photos to show for it. 

Ez was careful to avoid any physical contact with his bro, but he did enjoy playing cars around him while Declan stared in awe. Eventually we moved Declan and Ez demanded that his bro "get down!" to play some more. It was pretty cute. Until the fourth picture down when Ez tried to stomp Declan's head. Love hate relationships are the norm with brothers, right? 

We spent our afternoon shopping and then filling up on typical bbq foods: veggie dogs & burgers.

After everyone had a nice long nap we headed downtown to watch fireworks. Declan slept through them and Ez did a lot better than last year, but still flinched each time one went off. 
And here's a little comparison of Ez's 1st 4th compared with Declan (about 5 weeks older).

On Sunday we headed to the beach, which was surprisingly uncrowded. Ez had a great time running into the waves and then letting dad bury him in the sand. 

Afterward Declan had his first bath, which Ez kindly supervised and even offered up his car as a bath toy. He's a sweet big bro (for the most part):

Hope you and your family had a great 4th!


  1. Gotta love all the firsts! I am loving all the big bro/little bro pics, so precious! Also, that veggie dog, YUM!


  2. Looks like you guys had such a great weekend! I'm amazed the beach wasn't crowded on a holiday weekend! You are lucky! :)

  3. Your boys sure are precious!! I’m so sorry EZ got a split lip. It’s never fun to see your child hurting or bleeding. I hope it’s starting to heal up! Great pictures! And that food looks so delicious and is making me hungry. I’m still jealous that you’re close to the beach!!