Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Our Weekend: Roaring Camp Railroads

On Saturday we took a train through a redwood forest to meet Santa and wander around a bunch of decorated Christmas trees. Pretty surreal, right? My mom and brother came along as well which made it extra special. And when I say train ride, I'm talking a real locomotive train puffing steam and chugga chugging up a steep mountain. Obviously Ez was enthralled. We got him a toy train in the gift shop beforehand which automatically made him the envy of our car. Declan loved chatting up everyone around us and losing his sock every other minute. So they both had a great time in their own way.

When I booked the tickets I was just thinking Santa + a train. Complete no brainer if you've got a toddler. But I had no idea just how beautiful the train ride would be. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this:

Unfortunately half the family caught a cold during this trip so we laid low and watched Parenthood on Sunday. Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. This is just THE BEST!!!! I love that ya'll had this experience!!! I so wish we had some sort of train riding/Santa experience close by us!! Jelly!

  2. all these people with the train and Santa pictures, Next year we are so going and doing this!

  3. Ive been twice as a kid but have yet to bring my littles. It is SUCH a beautiful place! Sorry you got sick, hope everyone is feeling better now!

  4. Oh yeah train and a toddler is total win! I really need to find more trains here. I'm not sure we have any. I guess FL wasn't big on railroads? I vaguely recall a train connection to St. Augustine to bring in wealthy vacationers back in the 1800s...1900s...maybe I should start there, but that is a long drive. Such beautiful pictures, I'll just go to yours!