Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Our Christmas Morning

These lucky boys technically had three Christmases, starting on Christmas Eve, and then two on Christmas day. After a late night Ez and I slept in the longest on Christmas morning until I couldn't contain my excitement any longer and woke him up. I'm sure this is the last year that will ever happen. 

Joe's mom and her husband were spending the weekend with us, and once everyone was gathered we checked out our stocking loot. Ez's favorite thing was a storm trooper tractor that Santa must've picked up at Disneyland. Declan got lots of teethers plus an adorable lion beanie.

After that it was onto the mounds of presents, not only from Santa but from grandma too. To say those kids got spoiled is an understatement. After I sensed a lull in the present unwrapping velocity Joe and I ran upstairs to grab Ez's big present, a Radiator Springs table set complete with 11 wooden Cars characters. I only even knew the thing existed thanks to Liz's Instagram, but once I saw it I knew Ez needed it. That thing had approximately two hundred pieces and took a certain elf three hours to assemble and in the end it was basically only tied for first place with a $13 motorcycle set that required zero assembly. When will I ever learn? Although to be fair Ez has given equal love and attention to every present received. And not only his presents, but Declan's too. It's like a toy store exploded in our living room and he's in toddler paradise.

After unwrapping presents we ate a crockpot breakfast casserole which had been cooking overnight. I'd never tried that before but it's definitely the way to go on Christmas morning.

Then it was time for playing with all our new gifts. Ez raced some cars, played with his motorcycles, and piled all his vehicles into a dump truck just to dump them all out over and over while jumping with excitement. I relaxed in my new papasan chair with a book. Meanwhile Declan attacked any bit of bubble wrap or wrapping paper he could get his hands on. 

Then we headed outdoors to take Joe's new toddler bike seat for a spin. I thought Ez would be a little hesitant since he'd never ridden a bike before, but he loved it! He kept saying "whee! I'm on a bicycle!" and demanding to go again the second Joe stopped. 

After all that excitement it was time to clean up as best as possible before more family arrived and we started Christmas, round 3. Stay tuned!


  1. You got some really fun pictures! Especially of Joe opening his gift. I literally lol'd at Ez saying he was on a bicycle. Not sure why. Just sounds fun!! I'm not even sure what that big table gift is...in in whole new territory with boy stuff!

  2. The boys look like they had such a good Christmas. Love the train table!

  3. It's funny how the cheapest presents bring the MOST joy!! Happens in my house all the time!!