Thursday, December 3, 2015

Happy 5 Months Declan!

Dear Declan,

You are my little ray of sunshine with your wide twinkly eyes and your lopsided smile. This month we've really seen your sense of humor develop and sometimes your hearty laugh takes me by surprise. How can such loud noises come from such a small boy? Speaking of loud noises, you learned how to scream from big brother and it's your new favorite way to communicate. I'm not talking baby screams, I'm talking full-on warrior cries that you use for all circumstances: happy, excited, angry, name it.

You are completely obsessed with daddy and brother and love being included in whatever they're up to. If they're around there's a good chance your eyes are glued to their every move. You're definitely a mama's boy at heart though. If I leave the room for a minute I'm greeted with a high pitched squeal as you double over and bury your face in whoever is holding you, because you just can't contain your excitement. Mama's happy to see you too, baby boy.

I do have one question for you though. Are you ever going to let me sleep again? I'd rather you just give it to me straight instead of letting me go to sleep hopeful every night only to be woken up every hour on the hour. I've gotta give you credit though, you have done a whole lot of growing and learning this past month. Your two bottom teeth popped up, and you grew two pounds and three inches since your last checkup. Insane! You're already wearing 9 month clothing and size three diapers. You've also been busy perfecting your hand-eye-mouth coordination and nothing is safe within a two foot radius of you. You're sitting up all on your own and you can scoot backward. Usually this makes you scream with anger though. You want to crawl forward so bad. I can't say I'm quite ready for you to mobile yet, so please take your time.


  • Exersaucer 
  • Storytime 
  • Trying to eat the table 
  • And your hands
  • And everything else within your grasp
  • Grabbing people by the face with your little pincher claws
  • Afternoon walks in the bjorn carrier
  • Anytime your brother pays attention to you  
  • All the compliments you receive when we go anywhere
  • Mirrors
  • Cartoons


  • Sleeping
  • Specifically, sleeping in your crib
  • Not being able to reach something you've got your eyes on
  • When mommy leaves the room
  • Car rides
And here's a little video of Declan at 5 months, which could be alternatively titled The Many Screams of Declan:

Your daddy, brother, and I love you more than you'll ever know!


  1. Oh my lands, could he be any cuter?! I love those big cheeks and those dark eyes! Such a handsome baby!

  2. Oh he is so precious!!!! Happy 5 months Declan!!

  3. Your kids have the BEST smiles… seriously! And those CHEEKS!!!!

  4. What a big boy! I can't believe he's 5 months already! These kids are so handsome!!

  5. Yay for sitting up! Boo on all that poor sleep! I hope that changes really soon for you! Good thing he's adorable! :)