Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer Bucket List: Caricatures at Disneyland

As you can see, we are slacking on our Summer bucket list. I kept it simple because I knew we'd have our hands full with a newborn and toddler (and I even cheated a little by adding "meet our lil guy" to the bucket list), but then we went and threw a move and all the chaos associated with it into the plans, and everything else fell to the wayside. Not that we haven't been having fun this summer, cause we have! But we've had to adjust and throw in a few So Cal bucket list items before we moved too. 

The LA county fair doesn't start till September, after our move, so we decided to hit up the OC Fair on it's last day, and one of the hottest days of summer. Unfortunately, they didn't do caricatures at that fair, so I made Joe promise we'd squeeze in one last Disney trip as So Cal residents, and get caricatures done in Downtown Disney. 

So, two days before the big move we took a break from packing and headed down to D-land. We hit up the caricatures first thing, before we were all sweaty and well before the nap/meltdown zone. Then Joe balked at the price, insisting it had gone up since last year (which of course it had, because now there are four of us). So, we skipped it and headed into the parks instead. We did something I've never done before, and climbed Tarzan's treehouse. At one point Joe was carrying both Ez and Declan, so that was quite the workout for him. Then we rode the steamboat while I nursed Declan. Afterward it was off to Cars Land, where Ez and I rode Mater's tractors for the first time together (he'd gone before with the grandparents). Of course we had to stop and say hi to our favorite race car, and maybe we might have let Ez pick out one more car to add to his ever-growing collection. We thought for sure Ez would fall asleep at lunch, but he didn't. So we headed for the car, thinking he'd fall asleep on the way there, but he didn't. So, since the stars seemed to be aligning, we decided to go for the caricature after all. Of course, Ez chose that moment for a mini-meltdown, but we managed to calm him down by letting him watch videos of himself while he and Joe got their pics drawn. My lil egomaniac. Afterward Declan and I went, and Declan opened his eyes just long enough for the artist to draw them before he promptly fell asleep. Somehow it all worked out, and I love the results. 

We first got our caricatures drawn at the LA fair two years ago, when Ez was only 3-4 months old. Now it's become somewhat of a tradition, and I'm so happy we have one with Declan as a baby too. I also love how distinct each artist's style is, and how different all three portraits look.

There's still about three weeks of summer left and we live a mile from the train station, so I know which item we're crossing off the list next! Anyone else still working on their summer bucket lists, or has everyone moved onto fall already? I'm already brainstorming all the fun Halloween stuff there is to do in our new hometown.


  1. I am guessing Tarzan's treehouse is like our Swiss Family treehouse! We like that one. The caricatures are amazing though. I lovee that you have one for each year. You should def keep that up.

  2. Love love love this!!! What a great idea for a fun family portrait over the years! I love this idea!

  3. These are great! I second keeping up the tradition of getting one each year. We did the silhouette of Mason at Disney and it's my favorite. I will be doing that again if we ever make it back!

  4. ooooh now you have me wanting to do caricatures for my four!! SO cute!!!