Friday, September 18, 2015


Even though us stay at home parents don't go to work Monday through Friday, and I won't speak for anyone else, but I personally forget what day it is half (ok, all) of the time, Friday is still pretty magical. It means two full days of extra reinforcements, and lots of family time. This weekend we're getting double of both those things because Joe's mom and husband are coming for a visit.

A few reasons that make me oh so happy for this Friday:

Ez had a nasty fall on Wednesday that resulted in an immediate and huge bump right in the middle of his forehead. It happened right in front of me as he was running on the playground and seeing and hearing his head bounce off a step scarred me, to say the least. Everyone keeps saying this is the first of many scrapes and bumps, which isn't exactly what I want to hear. Even though it's true. Send wine. And face cream + hair dye because I feel myself aging by the minute.

Declan is a little Goliath compared to Ez at the same age. His 3 month weight is equivalent to Ez at six months. And apparently he's also much stronger because he's already rolled over and this morning he nearly scooted backward right off the changing table. I was turned the opposite direction to throw his diaper away and had to catch him by his foot as he was sliding headfirst off the table. These boys. Why are they always trying to land head first?? Ez wasn't mobile for a long time as a baby so I wasn't ready to be on my toes this early in the game.

During a rare moment of quiet this morning I thought I'd try to fix my nails. Silly me. Of course that set off Declan's radar that mommy is doing something so now is the perfect moment to wake up and cry. As I'm comforting Declan Ez sniffs out the open bottle of nail polish two rooms away in twenty seconds flat. How do they know when something they're normally not allowed to touch is suddenly within their reach? Ez brings the bottle to me with red polish all over his hands but somehow not a drop wound up on the floor. I'll count that as a win.

And all this after the toddler shenanigans I already wrote about over here earlier this week.

His shirt says it all:

So a big yay for all the extra hands that will be here this weekend and fingers crossed Joe and I can sneak away for a date night too.

What's on your agenda this weekend?


  1. I've hearrrrrd subsequent children are much more mobile (by a few months even) than their older counterparts. Yikes!!!
    I worked in social work at a nursing facility before staying at home. There was one man that was confined to a wheel chair but would always roll through saying "it's Friday, Friday, Friday. It's going to be a great day! Ready for the weekend!" Was his weekend going to be any different than any other day? Was his Friday any different? No, not one bit. It's neat how universal the Friday excitement is.

  2. Motherhood is terrifying. While on vacation at a resort a good hour away from civilization, my son fell face first into a thick glass coffee table (he was two) the sound of his forehead clunking is something I'll never forget. Luckily there were two family members who were doctors that witnesses the whole thing, checked him out and assured me he was fine or I would have had him airlifted to a hospital. It was so loud!!!

  3. Oh thank goodness that nail-polish didn't get everywhere like it did in my house-- try the rug and door?! and wine and face cream, yes pls!!! :-)