Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall! A Look Back

Obviously I'm really excited for fall, but before I get started on a fall bucket list and throw myself into all things pumpkin I wanted to take a little look back at our summer. It was a pretty special one, after all. Declan made his appearance right at the beginning of summer, and as we ease into a new season, it's crazy to think Declan has been here just three months. It feels like his sweet little smile has been lighting up my world for so much longer. Yet at the same time it also feels like just yesterday that I was pregnant. And his birth. I'm pretty sure those two hours are gonna live vividly in my memory as if they happened just yesterday for a long looong time. So as we're saying goodbye to our first season as a family of four, I wanted to do a little walk down memory lane. In the form of collages, of course.

Some of my favorite summertime memories:

Even though we didn't check off all the items on our summer bucket list, I think we came up with lots of spontaneous adventures and made our first few months as a family of four memorable and fun. Can't ask for more than that!

Happy 1st day of fall!

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  1. What a fantastic, and life changing (!) summer! Hope your fall is just as fun! I'm sure it will be with those two cute little guys!