Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ezzyisms - 27 Months

You know how they say insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results? That's basically life with a toddler. Except the results really are different every time.

Me: Time to go to bed! <Turn off light>
Ez: blood curdling scream.
Me: <flip on light switch> Ez, it's time to go to bed. I'm going to turn off the light and it's time to sleep. <turn off light>
Ez: blood curdling scream.
Me: <flip on light switch> Ez, it's time to go to bed. I'm going to turn off the light and it's time to sleep. 
Ez: It's bedtime! (in a "why didn't you just say so?" tone). 
Me: sigh.
Ez: <lays down and fake snores>
Me: <turn off light>

I'm living the definition of insanity. But also, the cuteness. So much cuteness on the daily from this crazy little toddler of mine. The words just keep on coming and coming. And his tiny little voice and the way he (mis)pronounces things. I just want to freeze frame it all. So, before he suddenly starts speaking perfectly (and talking back!) I wanted to jot down some current Ezzyisms.
  • Kachow! - a la Lightning McQueen.
  • Come on down! (from The Price is Right, of course).
  • Har go! - "Here you go!" He loves saying this so much that he'll often hand us something, then grab it back out of our hands just so he can give it to us again.
  • Bye bye! - He says this every time he exits a room, and he won't leave until the person waves back. We've tried to explain that bye bye is usually reserved for slightly longer term goodbyes, but secretly I love it. 
  • Rubbing his face against people as a sign of affection. Just like a cat.
  • His dolphin laugh - usually fake and overly exaggerated.
  • Oww!! - also from Cars.
  • Make hot! - anytime I microwave something he'll stand in the kitchen chanting this over and over.
  • Mimicking the GPS and yelling out directions. Our little backseat driver.

Also, his imagination is really starting to shine through. Over the weekend we went to visit my family and Ez insisted on watching videos of himself on Grampa's phone. (Are all toddlers egomaniacs, or just mine??) In one of the videos he's standing on the beach, and as the water crashes around his feet he starts stomping and screaming. So in real life, he takes my purse, pulls it over his feet like it's the water, and then reenacts the video. Over and over. It cracked me up that he decided the purse could substitute as the ocean. 

Although this video doesn't do the cuteness justice, here are a few of the Ezzyisms I managed to capture:


  1. The joys of motherhood. Great boy,seems veer well adjusted.

  2. This is adorable! I wrote down all of the things our son said when he was little! It's so cute to look back on! Our son said "come on down!" Too!! He still loves the price is right !

  3. Oh my word! So precious. Yes…hold on to all of those mis-pronounced words as long as you can mama. It’s so sad when they start talking like a grown person! I love that he says “come on down”. I’ve always loved The Price is Right!! Love the video. He has the sweetest little video.

  4. Awww what great memories. I'm expecting a grand baby soon and I will be sure to capture some of the moments to look back on.

  5. oooh how very cute… I don't correct my kids when they mispronounce stuff as it's so cute!!!! Well now I correct my six year old, hahaha

  6. he's very cute and seems to have a great vocabulary :)