Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Our Weekend part 2: Davenport

Lately we've been covering so much ground on the weekends that I need a day to relax and recover from the weekend. Kinda backwards, I know. There's just so much new stuff to explore around here though, we can't help ourselves. This past weekend was definitely that type of weekend. And everywhere we went everything was so scenic that I somehow wound up with a thousand new pictures in my phone. So that's how we wound up with a two part post. Because nobody wants to be bombarded with a thousand pictures all at once. Or at all, you may argue. Don't worry, as hard as it was I narrowed it down to my 900 faves. Kidding.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen that we went apple picking on Sunday. And you may also notice that there are no apple picking pictures here. So technically this is gonna be a three parter. I told you there were a lot of pictures. After apple picking, we stopped for lunch in Davenport which is a really tiny scenic coastal town off the PCH. Ez loved it because there were a ton of motorcycles both driving and parked. Dear Son - Please get over this motorcycle obsession before you can drive. After lunch we walked around to explore a little and check out the ocean views. The northern California coast is just so beautiful. Between the rocky cliffs, and the Redwoods, and the crashing sounds of the ocean, it's all so striking. Not at all inviting like southern California beaches, but beautiful all the same.

As you can see below, that's Davenport's historic two room jail that has had a grand total of two inmates (horse thieves) and a handful of drunks sobering up. But the big question is: Why is my child trying so hard to get into the jail??

Stay tuned for an apple picking overload coming soon. And who knows, maybe a few apple recipes, because pretty much everything we eat this week is gonna be appleified. 

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  1. Love these pictures! So fun. Can't wait to see the apple picking adventures!!!