Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Half Moon Bay

Weekends are for exploring! Especially now that we're in a whole new place with so many great day trips just a short car or train ride away. 

I'd been to Half Moon Bay a long, looong time ago. Like decades. But it's got a reputation as one of the prettiest beaches San Francisco has to offer, so it made it to the top of our unofficial Northern California bucket list. My mom had Saturday off and wanted to escape the heat, so she met us there, and escape the heat we definitely did! It was only high 50s/low 60s at the beach. The weather said the high would be in the 70s, so originally I thought we'd do a beach picnic, maybe play in the sand and let Ez dip his toes in the water. But once we were on the sand we were all goosebumps and shivers, definitely nothing at all like the southern California beaches we're used to, where we have to hot foot across the sand to avoid getting burned. We adjusted plans and went for a walk along the cliffs over the beach instead. Joe wore Declan and Ez for warmth. We saw a hawk up close, plus a bunch of horses, and the beautiful coastal views, of course. 

Afterward we got lunch at this great seafood restaurant nearby. Declan used his finely honed poosplosion radar to time his attack for the moment our food arrived. We're talking pooh all the way to his socks, people. How?? Aside from Joe and I having to make a mad dash through the restaurant, holding Declan at arms length in front of us, it was a perfect Saturday afternoon. 

And it didn't end there! We followed lunch with some fall-themed fun, but I'll save that for another post. For now, I've got plenty of beach pics to tide you over! See what I did there? Tide? Ok, I may have spent too much time around Joe. His punnies are rubbing off on me ;)


  1. Looks so beautiful! I can't even imagine being close to the beach! Heaven! I could live without the pooh explosion!

  2. What a fun day trip! I've hard of Half Moon Bay and how pretty it is. I'm so jealous you are so close to all of these amazing beaches. Great photos!

  3. what a beautiful family! I would love to visit Half Moon Bay one day.

  4. that food looks aaaaaamazing!! I love the sunflowers too!! I'm going to s sunflower farm this weekend!

  5. Looks gorgeous! And that food...omg! I'm gonna need to make a trip!