Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Toddlerville - It's Their World, You're Just Living In It

Everything's always changing in Toddlerville. There's the wobbly toddler stage, the independent, do-everything-myself phase, the talkative phase, and the sassy phase. Right now we're somewhere in the middle of independent and talkative. So here's what's going on lately for us in Toddlerville:

- With the push of a button your toddler can reprogram the TV to Spanish, yet it takes an hour for two adults to figure out how to undo it.

- You make yourself a snack and two steps out of the kitchen you're met with accusing eyes and outstretched arms ready to take back their food that you dared to eat. 

- Everything is always mom's fault. Fell down trying to walk backward on the playground? Go blame mom. Can't fit your giant head between the couch and end table? Definitely mom's fault. Hurt yourself rough housing with Daddy? Somehow that's mom's fault too.

- You get tons of help with chores. For instance, all the dirty laundry winds up shoved back into a dresser drawer and dirty plates get put the trash can. Thanks kid.

- Several times a day everyone is expected to drop what they're doing and run circles through the house while screaming at the top of their lungs. I'm sure our neighbors love us.

- And, perhaps the greatest mystery in Toddlerville - the more tired you are the more energy you exert. In normal Adultland, lack of sleep means extra coffee and maybe a nap, but it turns out we've had it wrong this entire time. In Toddlerville, no sleep actually means extra laps running in circles and screaming. Where can I get whatever he's on?

What's Toddlerville looking like for you these days?

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  1. Oh my word. Yes. Just yes. I can relate to so much of this. Mason somehow always changes the language on his iPad games and it takes us forever to get it changed back because we can’t make sense of anything on the screen!

  2. HA! Yes to it all. I have never seen crazier, more energized, adorable people in my life! Which is probably good because I'd think they were insane if they weren't my own littles. ;)

  3. Ha Ha! So true!!! I have twins in my toddlerville, so you can just imagine all you mentioned but times too. We are in the talking, exploring, and everything is mine phase. But, also still love to be cuddled and only mommy's lap is the place to sit.

  4. Oh man, I feel ya! My toddler is in the "everything is mine" phase too, so we've tacked that on to our fun list of things ;)