Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy 3 Months, Declan!

Dear Declan,

For some reason you seem intent on growing up at lightning speed. You've already rolled over once, from tummy to back, and you've nearly scooted your way headfirst off the changing table. Your strong rolly little legs are always kicking, and it seems like you're just raring to use them to get you places. Slow down! Mama's not ready for a crawler yet. This week you had your first round of shots, and you should know your big brother was crying right along with you. He's so protective of you and hates seeing you in any kind of pain. I hope you two look out for each other long into adulthood. In other news, you're still the sweetest little baby ever. All chubby cheeked and wide-eyed with those long curly lashes that you and your daddy and brother all share. You've got the bubbliest personality and something tells me you'll be the extrovert of our family. My favorite time of day is when you and Ez join me in the kitchen as I'm preparing dinner. You both sit on the counter and chatter away with me and each other and I hope that's a tradition that continues for many more years. I may have watched a few too many episodes of Chopped, but I like to think I'm raising little chefs in the making. Whatever you decide to be, we'll always love you more than you'll ever know.

You're 15 pounds, which puts you around the 65th percentile for weight, and almost double your birth weight. Apparently the rest of you is tiny though. At 23.25 inches (almost 4 inches grown in three months!) you're in the bottom 10th percent for height and your head circumference is in the bottom 5 percent. So basically you're the exact opposite of Ez who had a giant head and was nearly underweight. As long as you're healthy, that's all I care about. 

  • "Helping " mommy in the kitchen 
  • Joining us at the dinner table in your bumbo seat
  • Walks in your bjorn carrier 
  • Being talked to 
  • Mickey Mouse. Or maybe just watching Ez dance around to Mickey Mouse. Either way, Disney keeps you both entertained.
  • Being held 
  • Having your back patted
  • Spitting up on mommy as soon as she puts on a clean shirt 
  • Sometimes your swing. Sometimes not.

  • Car rides 
  • Being hungry 
  • Being gassy
  • Shots
  • Daddy kisses (he's scruffy)
  • Brother kisses (they usually turn into more of a headbutt than a kiss)


  1. aww! Happy 3 moths! His face in that last photo is absolutely precious!

  2. 3 months! How do they get so big so quickly? I was just looking at Aria's long legs this morning did they get so long and skinny? Where did those chunky thighs go? Stop blinking!