Monday, September 28, 2015

Our Weekend: Time to Start Saving for College

Back when I put ride a train on my summer bucket list we still lived in an area of Southern California where public transportation sucked. I was thinking we would make a day of it and Ez would get a kick out of his first train ride. Now that we've moved it's looking like trains will be our preferred mode of transportation on the weekend, so expect to see lots more train pictures until the novelty wears off. 

This weekend my parents came over and we took the train to Palo Alto for some lunch, shopping, and a walk around Stanford. Let's start at the beginning when we had to run to catch the train and they shut the doors and started moving before Joe and Declan got on. I had to tell the conductor several times that he had to let me back off because my baby was still out there and I had to breastfeed him. Reluctantly they stopped the train and we got off and killed an hour at the park then caught the next train. Apparently we gotta work on our public transportation skills. Also it's possible my mom will never visit again because running is not her thing. Or mine either, actually. Sorry mom!

If you've been following along with this blog for awhile you may have picked up on the fact that Joe and I like to walk around college campuses. Whether or not we actually attended those schools makes no difference. There's just something so serene and pretty about wandering around colleges. So now that we're so close to Stanford of course we had to check it out. The campus is pristine and the architecture is gorgeous. There are so many cool gardens to sit in, beautiful walkways and arches, plus a sculpture garden by Rodin. We've decided if we all start saving now either Ez and Declan can go to Stanford. They'll have to flip a coin for it though.

A few other fun tidbits from our day:
  • We walked up to the chapel just as a newlywed bride and groom were exiting. Such a beautiful moment to witness.
  • Ez dropped a half eaten piece of See's candy on the floor then sank down to the ground next to it. In Joe's words, Ez, my mom, and myself all gathered around the half eaten candy and held silent vigil. It was a sad, sad moment.
  • According to Joe's pedometer we walked over 15 miles. That negates the cheesecake I ate, right??


  1. It looks like you had a great weekend! I have never thought to just walk around a college campus, if they are all this beautiful I may have to start doing it.

  2. We go walk around my husband's alma mater quite often but that's because if our children don't attend they'll be shamed the rest of their lives. Ha!
    Such a fun weekend. I love that yall are settling in so well to Noethern California!

  3. what an awesome weekend…. I've never thought of walking around campuses either…. and those pictures-- so, so cute!

  4. I love college campuses too! 15 miles?! Wow! I think that earns you three cheesecakes, I'm pretty sure the ratio is 5 miles=1 cheesecake.

  5. oh my goodness! I cannot imagine the stress you must have been under when the train pulled away from Joe and Declan!!!!!