Monday, August 24, 2015

A Few Things I Want to Remember

Big changes are coming! We're moving tomorrow and all these changes have me feeling a little nostalgic. Joe and I were talking about how weird it is that Ez and Declan won't even remember living in So Cal, even though it's such a big part of our lives. It's the place where Joe and I met and fell in love. I spent both my pregnancies here and both Ez and Declan were born here. We've created so many great memories as a family. So you'll have to pardon all my sentimental rambling, but in the midst of throwing all our belongings into boxes, going through old photos, and packing up all Declan's newborn clothes (already??) I've put together a little list of things I want to remember from right here and now, before we grow and change and embark on this new and exciting chapter of our lives.
  • Declan's first smiles and how he chuckles to himself in his sleep.
  • Ez's Betty Boop curl above his right ear. He threw a huge fit while getting his haircut and the stylist was probably afraid she'd chop his ear off if she tried to trim it, and it kind of grew on me, so I left it.
  • Ez saying incomprehensible things in the loudest, most urgent and excited voice, then repeating it with equal intensity each time we ask him to repeat himself. I have no idea what he's saying half the time, but I love his enthusiasm.
  • Declan's brownish, grayish, bluish eyes, that will most probably turn brown, but are taking much longer than Ez's did.
  • The sweet snuggles Ez gives Declan and the brotherly concern he shows when Declan cries.
  • How Ez plays with his cars while narrating and singing to himself. I love his imagination so much.
  • Ez and Declan's super long lashes. So not fair!
  • Ez's excited gallop. His energy and joy for life is so infectious.
  • The way Declan's cries actually sound like "wah"!
  • Ez singing wheels on the bus with a huge emphasis every time he sings town:
  • Declan's baby squeaks and babbles. I can already tell he'll be a chatterbox.
Here's a choppy little video of some random cuteness that I want to remember:


  1. Seriously. Make me cry a river. I've been so nostalgic lately too. Maybe it's our hormones leveling out? ha! Such sweet tidbits. I'm so glad you've jotted them down to remember forever. :)

  2. You'll just have to visit often for Disney fixes!
    The incomprehensible talking enthusiastically is awesome haha. I still have no idea what Aria is saying most of the time. I love talking.

  3. Oh my goodness, are you trying to make me cry? I'm not even moving and here I am an emotional wreck after reading this! You'll definitely have to go back and visit often!

  4. SO many good memories!! And every time you go back and visit will be SO special! Good luck moving!!