Friday, August 28, 2015

Declan at 2 Months

Dear Declan,

You are my little doll. From your chubby cheeks and rolly thighs to your smiling doe eyes and silky soft hair (which is currently shedding all over the place). I could cuddle you all day long. But brother and daddy want their share of snuggles too, so I've gotta share you. Now that I know how fast these baby days fly by I try to savor all my best little moments with you. Like how you grip my finger with your tiny freakishly strong little hands. How you go from crying to smiling at the sound of mine and daddy's voices. Our daily conversations where I narrate whatever mundane thing I'm doing at the moment and you babble and coo back to me in your sweet baby voice. I swear, even your cries are cute. Except when we're in the car, then your cries mean business. You are so attentive and so easy going. If there was one thing I wish you'd quit doing it's stop growing so fast! Stay my baby as long as possible. Also, you're the king of poo explosions, so if you could cut that out that'd be great. I had to take a break from writing this because I looked over and you had poo on your face. How??! Oh, and your farts are the smelliest in the history of farts. But we love your smelly little butt more than you'll ever know, and we're so lucky to be your parents.


  • Family walks
  • Facing forward in the bjorn carrier
  • Your swing
  • Being talked to
  • Eating
  • Cooing
  • Spitting up on daddy
  • Farting
  • Your bear mobile


  • Car rides
  • When brother loves you a little too hard


  • Dec (pronounced: Deck)
  • Dex
  • Deckles
  • Deckle Dec
  • Declanation
  • Triple B (Daddy can explain that one to you)
  • Trip

Edit: I had to add Declan's weight, which is just under 14 lbs, or the same size as Ez at FIVE MONTHS! It's not in my head, Declan really is growing faster.