Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ten Things I Love

I was tagged awhile back by Courtney at Sweet Turtle Soup to post ten things I love and ten things I hate. I love getting these random little glimpses into other bloggers lives, so here goes:

My loves:
1. My three boys. I live for their smiles and snuggles.
2. Watching the bond form between Ez and Declan. Can't wait to see the things these two will get into together once Declan is walking.
3. Skirts and dresses - they're comfy, cute, and forgiving.
4. Doughnuts. Possibly the reason why my maxi dresses are all that fit right now ;)
5. Face masks and skincare products. I'm seriously addicted.
6. Holidays! It's such a cozy time of year full of tons of family fun. Already looking forward to October through January.
7. Documenting everything family related - from taking a million photos, to making scrapbooks, to this blog, to memory boxes - I've got a strong need to document this time of our lives.
8. Tabloids. I know they're silly, but they make my time on the treadmill go so much faster.
9. Journals and notebooks. I can't stop collecting them.
10. Hummingbirds. I've got two tattoos and I think it's good luck to see a hummingbird. 

And here are ten things I'm not so crazy about:
1. Most Disney Jr. cartoons with their catchy stuck-in-your-head songs.
2. Meat. I haven't eaten it since 2006 and it just grosses me out.
3. When both my kids are crying at me at once. It makes me feel like I'm doing this parenthood thing all wrong.
4. Super long, hot summers. I'm not cut out for this desert climate.
5. Washing dishes and putting away laundry. It's neverending.
6. Diapers. Feels like an all day everyday event round here.
7. How spread out all my favorite people are. Wish they would just figure out that whole teleporting thing already so I could stop in for lunch with my family halfway around the world and be home by dinner.
8. Dieting. 'Nuf said.
9. The news. I hate seeing how awful people treat each other sometimes. It's too much for my mama heart to handle.
10. Waking up every few hours. I miss sleep and feeling like a fully functioning person.

I tag fellow new mama Amanda at Plum Tickled Pink, Chrissy at Simple Joys Blog, Emily at Raising Avery Mae, Ally at Our Journey to Lia Jill, and anyone else that wants to join in - what do you love and hate??


  1. We have very similar "likes" and "dislikes" Although I have to admit although I like the idea of preserving memories with documenting Elin's life I also hate doing the actual work of doing it. I am working on photo books right now and I wish I could just hire someone to do it. :) I think it just stresses me out because i am behind.

  2. Yup yup yup. Basically all this. Hooray for the holidays. Boo for dieting! I had 'perfect slumber party' from Sofia the first in my head all last night. Lovely.

  3. I wish we had discovered teleporting already as well, and I totally agree with the news comment. For the positives, though, I think you have this documentation of your current lives down. I'm so happy that you share so much. It makes me feel like I'm there with you guys. xxoo