Monday, August 17, 2015

Our Weekend: Saying Goodbye & The Fair

On Friday night we had dinner with Joe's mom and her husband. We hadn't seen them since before our trip up north, so Declan was like a completely new baby, all alert and chubby. 

We fit in some more family time on Saturday afternoon at my aunt's house. Pizza, margaritas, tag, and cars = something for everyone. 

On Sunday we braved the heat and went to the last day of the OC Fair. One of my summer bucket list items was to get a caricature done at the fair, but sadly the OC fair doesn't do caricatures like the LA one. And the LA fair doesn't open till September, after we move. So I convinced Joe we'll just have to go get one drawn at Disneyland before we go. Darn!

One cool thing about the OC Fair is that Robert Marble had a booth, and I've been obsessed with his animal paintings ever since I saw one on Storage Wars. Such a cool coincidence. We bought two as early housewarming gifts to ourselves.

Declan and Ez pretty much alternated napping the whole time we were there, so we called it a day after a few hours (and a donut sundae).

Back home we got to work packing up all our stuff. It's kinda crazy how many boxes are devoted just to pictures, books, and DVDs. Five boxes packed and we haven't even started on the kitchen or bedrooms. For as much as I move (14 homes in 14 years!), I've never moved this far, where EVERYTHING has to be packed up and on the moving truck all at once. Usually I can go back and forth and take the fragile stuff myself. So wish us luck! This is our lives for the rest of the week: 


  1. whoa whoa, are you moving far away from Disneyland? I didn't think of that when you said you were moving. No more trips? Long car rides to visit?

  2. The OC fair seemed so fun!!!

  3. Family time is the greatest! We’ve had a lot of that lately, too and it just feels my soul with so much happy and joy. Pizza & margaritas…yum! Two of my favorite things. The fair looks like fun! Ours starts next month and I can’t wait. Best of luck with your move sweet lady!