Wednesday, August 19, 2015


We've come a long way from this:

To this:

Sure, Declan still doesn't look all that impressed, but at least one of them is smiling ;)

The first week after we first brought Declan home from the hospital there were a lot of domino effect meltdowns going on over here. Ez would burst into tears whenever Declan cried, which was obviously a lot. Then Ez got used to the noise and would just continue on with his life and ignore Declan's cries, which was a huge improvement. But now Ez actually gets concerned whenever Declan's upset and he'll get right in Declan's face to smile and pat him on the back (something he's seen me do a million times) and give him kisses. This usually makes Declan cry harder, but the intention to cheer him up always makes me smile. 

In the beginning there was a lot of questioning on my part. I wondered how I'd be able to give Ez the attention he was used to without shortchanging Declan from getting the same amount of attention Ez got when he was a baby. I was setting myself up for failure because it's impossible to give them each 100% of my attention all of the time. The only way to save my sanity was to adjust my thinking. Ez is lucky to have gotten all that attention early on and Declan is lucky because he has such an amazing big bro looking out for him. So it may not all be equal but I think the family dynamics are balancing out and we're all settling into our new groove as a family of four. 

Ez shows so much compassion and sensitivity for a two year old. He's the best big brother and I know his love for Declan will continue to grow and grow. And eventually Declan will come around and reciprocate that love. I've already caught him throwing a few smiles his brother's way. Their budding brotherly bond makes my heart so full. And the best part about going from one to two? Twice the cuddes! These two are both major snugglers and I love it so much. Sitting on the couch with both my boys piled on my lap is the absolute best part of this season of our lives. 

I am so excited to continue to watch their friendship grow. I know I can count on Ez to look out for his brother out and one day Declan will have Ez's back too. And I hope they keep these snuggles up well after they both outweigh me.


  1. awesome they are getting closer! Before you know it they will be the best of friends!

  2. So sweet! I look forward to experiencing this myself early next year :)

  3. Oh they are the cutest brother duo ever! I love your perspective on giving them both attention. It will all balance out and you guys will find your groove…the one that works for all of you! I am sure they will grow up the best of friends and that has to make your Mama heart so happy and excited. You’re doing such a good job with those boys!

  4. It's sit orally all about changing your mindset for sure! Although, now instead of worrying about Ben getting the same amount of attention, I'm concerned about Lils. Mom guilt. Just can't ever shake it, right?

  5. It's so hard to adjust your mindset... but different is not always worse! Different can be better... twice the love! Enjoy the sweet snuggles!