Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Few of Ez's Favorite Things

We didn't have much planned for Saturday, other than Ez's usual morning soccer practice, so we decided to stop by a small local airport so Ez could watch the planes take off and land. Unlike the aviation museum, where we had to pay for a prime airport viewing spot, this airport was very inviting to little aviation lovers and completely free. They have a grassy area with benches facing the runway, perfect for little kids that don't necessarily want to learn all about aviation history but just want to see the planes in action. Ez was in heaven. Literally every single day since we went to the aviation museum he has asked to go see planes. I tried taking him one other time, but there weren't many planes taking off, either because it was a weekday or because it was a little windy. Since our weekends have been pretty busy recently I've been scrambling to make up excuses about why the planes aren't flying each day. Either they're hungry and they need to eat or they're napping or they don't like flying when it's too hot/cold/cloudy/<fill in the blank>. Poor little Ez was getting used to my excuses and I think all his requests were becoming halfhearted, since he probably thought planes never fly, except for that one magical day we happened to be lucky enough to catch them in action, so when we got to the airport and there were all kinds of planes taking off and landing he was beside himself with excitement. Once two planes took off at almost the same time and he started jumping in circles, pointing and counting them: "One, two planes! Two planes! I see two planes!!" AND, as if things could get any better, a motorcycle drove past us on the runway and waved at Ez. I'm pretty sure that guy was living Ez's dream life, riding a motorcycle at the airport with planes taking off in the background. We definitely got our money's worth with that trip ;)

Later that afternoon we gave Ez his choice between playing at the park or going to see motorcycles. He chose motorcycles, of course, so we walked to a nearby dealership and let him walk around pointing out which motorcycles he liked best. We walked the whole lot twice and we even saw a few people test driving motorcycles. So, for the grand total of $0 I'm pretty sure Ez had his most favorite day of the year. The little things really are the best things. After all of that we hit up a few of mommy and daddy's favorite spots: Starbucks and Trader Joe's, followed by an Uno marathon. Declan was just content to be out and about, so it was a good day for everyone.


  1. Planes and motorcycles all in one weekend! What a cool mo!

  2. That is so cute you caught the pic of the man on the motorcycle at the airports! That must have been so exciting for Ez!!

  3. hahah what a fun day! I wish Aria liked planes since we live by the airport and they fly over all day. Or the air show that is there once a year. With the jets! I think it is fun to watch them, Aria is like yeah ok whatev. She does however like the motorcycles, heaven help me lol.