Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I Love SF

"It's an odd thing, but anyone who disappears is said to be seen in San Francisco." ~ Oscar Wilde

Of all the big cities I've ever been to, (which admittedly isn't a whole lot), San Francisco is my favorite. As far as mileage goes it's not the largest, but it feels like each neighborhood is a completely new place that you could easily spend a whole day exploring. I love that the bay is such a prominent part of the city, from the piers, to the bridges, the hilly views of the water, and the briny, shellfish scents. I love the steep hills, the architecture, the infinite sources for people watching, and the street art. A lot of big cities wind up being gray and tall and crowded and busy, but San Francisco has somehow managed to stay colorful and unique.

Even though we've spent plenty of afternoons wandering around the wharf, we still discovered a new-to-us place on our most recent trip. The Marketplace is full of specialty shops and restaurants and it was really hard not to eat one of everything we passed. If you ever visit there, make sure you go hungry. Eventually we settled on sushi and a crab breakfast burrito, both of which were amazing. Even more so because we got to eat them with an incredible view of all the boats on the bay. 

After lunch we wandered down to Pier 39 while Ez pointed out every trolley along the way. We watched dozens of sailboats taking advantage of the sunny, slightly breezy weather and then stopped by to say hi to the sea lions. One of them kept knocking another one off the dock into the water which Ez found hilarious. I'm going to assume they are brothers.

We didn't have an agenda and just wandered around people and vehicle watching until it was clear both boys were on the verge of overtired meltdowns. We capped off our visit with more seafood and headed home with enough time to watch an episode of House of Cards followed by the Walking Dead finale. Perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

"San Francisco itself is art...every block is a short story, every hill a novel." ~ William Saroyen


  1. Sounds like so much fun! Yummy food and great views plus sea lions. Can't beat that!

  2. Oh what adorable photos! Looks like a good time. PS - I just read two San Francisco posts in a row...I think it's a sign that I need to go there!

  3. You know my feelings about SF but I will give you the great food aspect. And crazy people watching haha. Lovely photos!

  4. I went to San Francisco with a couple of friends almost 10 years ago and loved it! We were only there for about 3 days, so we didn't get to explore very much, and saw more of the big tourist attractions---the bridge, Alcatrez, the pier, etc. Wish we would've had more time to explore the different neighborhoods.

  5. Definitely hope to visit there someday! Looks so amazing and beautiful.

  6. What an amazing city. The food and the weather look great! Your boys are adorable :)
    I am always so envious of your beautiful pictures!