Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Grandma Kat's Visit

Joe's mom was in town for the weekend and we somehow managed to pack a lot of excursions and Uno into three short days. As soon as she arrived Ez gave her a lesson on Monster Trucks. She'd finally memorized all the Cars characters, so of course Ez moved onto a whole new set of vehicle names she needed to know. Declan showed off all the skills he's learned since Christmas, mainly swaggering around the house like a little cowboy.

On Saturday we stuck with our normal morning soccer routine but this time grandma got to join in on the fun. Ez was slow to start but by the end he was having fun. Declan, meanwhile, is getting increasingly skillful at sneaking onto the field. He wants to be out there chasing the ball around so bad.

After soccer we went hiking in a nearby redwood forest where we took so many pictures that I'll save them for another post. 

On Sunday I got the afternoon off while everyone else went to San Francisco. I watched one of my favorite movies then spent a long time leisurely browsing at the bookstore. And no kids meant I could even stop by the cafe for an iced beverage and still have a hand free to look at books. Quite different from the last time I went when I spent half the time trying to usher Ez past the toy section and the entire time I was in line trying to delay the inevitable afternoon meltdown by fishing every snack and toy out of my Mary Poppins purse. 

As with every fun-packed weekend it flew by much too quickly and we're already looking forward to the next visit.


  1. Isn't it awesome with grandparents around!? I literally LOL'd with the MAry Poppins Purse!

  2. oh man an afternoon off? Sounds blissful. Esp the bookstore browsing. I always want to bye the whole bookstore. Why are books so expensive lol? And the Mary Poppins purse lol. For some reason mine is awfully heavy. MP's didn't look that heavy. I want hers.