Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our Weekend: Kidfree Staycation

For Valentine's Day my parents gifted us Sharks tickets and offered to watch the kids so we could enjoy a date night. The game was this weekend and we decided my parents should just spend the night instead of driving all the way home in the rain. Then we had an even more brilliant idea and decided we should get a hotel room and have a little kid free staycation. We literally live a mile from where the Sharks play, so a hotel wasn't necessary, but Joe and I have not had a kid free night since before we had kids. That's three years. I've only spent one night away from Ez and zero nights away from Declan so this was long overdue. 

We got to the hockey game a little early because our tickets were for the penthouse suites which included a buffet and drinks. Here's how I envisioned the night would go: show up, eat and drink, then leave about halfway through. Neither Joe or I had ever been to a hockey game and we don't follow the sport so we didn't think we'd be that into it. We were wrong. Right off the bat the music and the crowd's energy pumped us up. It was like being at a concert. Then two of the players started fighting which really got the crowd riled up. I was pretty much hooked after that. The game flew by and we stayed till the end. Sharkie even walked through our area and we got to witness a full grown woman with kids my age hit on him and call him sexy. To each their own. Also, awkward ;) And the best part is the Sharks won 1-0, go sharks! 

Afterward we were basically swept back to our hotel in a sea of hockey fans and decided on one more margarita and dessert in the lounge. Then we enjoyed our first full night of sleep in years. I woke up at 4am a little confused about why nobody had woken me up yet, but went right back to sleep until 8. It was glorious. Only another 4,763 nights of sleep like that and I should be all caught up.

We started our morning at the hotel gym followed by breakfast burritos. Balance. After that we got Starbucks where we happened to be in line behind Karrueche Tran, who you probably wouldn't know unless you read tabloids, but it turned out to be incredibly awkward because the Starbucks employees kinda recognized her but didn't know exactly who she was and asked her if she was Chris Brown's baby mama. Super blunt. And then they got right in her face and asked for pictures. I thought she handled it very well by politely posing with them even though they were rude to her.

By that point I was more than ready to see my babies. I made Joe rush us home, ran through the door, and was greeted with... barely a second glance. I think it literally took four or five glances before either of them drummed up any interest in me. I'm glad they had so much fun with the grandparents though, and am incredibly thankful for a much needed kidfree getaway. Thanks Gangy and Grampa!

Cheers for making it this far! Hope you all had an amazing weekend. Maybe even with a few margaritas thrown in :)


  1. What a fun little staycation! Much deserved! Ryan and I love hockey games! Aren't they so much fun?!

  2. How wonderful for you and Joe! We have yet to be away from Brielana over night and I can only imagine the freedom ;) Hockey is one of Brian's favorite sports haha. And Ill have to google that lady because I have zero clue who she is?

  3. Wow. Just wow. So jealous but so stinking happy for ya'll! So much fun that you got to get away...but not too far away!
    The Starbucks people probably had to google Karrueche...just like I did. ha!

  4. Sometimes we need that little break--- sounds like an awesome weekend!!! I don't know who the baby mama is either--- hahah!

  5. Aww so fun! That first picture is so funny. Garrett is a die hard sharks fan but we haven't been able to make it to any games. Maybe next season.

    what an awesome gift from your parents! Those little breaks are much needed sometimes. And deserved. Also, I am going to need to google this baby mama. Haha

  6. Isn't it so nice to get away??!! We had a little getaway last weekend too!