Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Watching... Friday Night Lights. We just finished Parenthood over the weekend. I ran through our entire tissue stockpile during that last season. So many tears. But also so many feel good moments, and just so good all around. It's my favorite show ever. Friday Night Lights has a lot of the same actors and Joe says it's his favorite show ever, so we're about three episodes in and I'm loving it so far. Oh, and Bachelor just started. Ben got stuck with all kinds of crazies this season. Should be interesting. Is it sad that my show goals are the most planned out part of 2016? Don't answer that...

Reading... Mrs. Hemingway from the blogger book exchange last month, and Mastery by Robert Greene. I'm loving them both. My goal is to read more than one book a month, which was my 2015 average.

Listening to... Disney channel theme songs. Impossibly catchy and always stuck in my had. PJ Masks we're the PJ masks...cuz bedtime...is the right time... TO FIGHT CRIME! Someone needs to come de-brainwash me. Please.

Planning... our wedding! A lot of you may think we're already married, since we're the definition of an old married couple, but nope. Wedding planning has never been my thing, and if it weren't for my mom taking it upon herself to scout locations where they take care of every last detail Ez and Declan would probably be in college before we tied the knot.

Thinking about... our honeymoon - the only part of the wedding planning that really appeals to me. The problem is that I've never been anywhere and I want to go everywhere, so narrowing it down will be the hard part.

Working on... losing the baby weight. I gained the same amount each pregnancy and it took me a year to lose after Ez, but at the rate I'm going it'll take two years this time around. I could blame it on being older, or spending so much of the last three years pregnant, but if we're being honest here I'm thinking my love of all things chocolate and aversion to the treadmill are probably to blame.

Looking forward to... seeing all kinds of family this year that I haven't seen in way too long. I miss having all my sisters in one place.

Trying... to spend daily one on one time with Ez. He's been super clingy and snuggly lately and we all know that won't last. We've been spending Declan's naptime doing puzzles, flash cards, playing memory, reading, and of course, playing with his new Radiator Springs set. His mood is dramatically better if he gets that mama time each day.

Loving... that feeling of renewal and motivation that the new year brings.

Wearing... sweaters and leggings. Every day. It's my winter momiform and I wish I could wear sweaters all year long.

Craving... Mexican food and a good margarita. 

Wishing for... more sleep. Although part of me knows that once Declan starts sleeping through the night I'll miss it just a teensy tiny bit. If he could narrow it down to just one nighttime feeding, I'd be happy.

Splurging on... sweaters. Macy's was having too good of a sale to pass up. We're talking $80 sweaters for $15.

So there's a little slice of life at this moment. Anyone care to share honeymoon destination recommendations? Or favorite books or shows? Something tells me we'll go through Friday Night Lights way too fast...


  1. I planned our wedding in 6 months. It was on a shoestring budget and I didnt have Pinterest to rely on but it did its job ;) Congrats! My favorite part was cake tasting for obvious reasons. Im shocked you think you dont go anywhere, you always seem to be visiting a new city!

  2. You can't beat Mexican food and margaritas! Narrowing it down to one destination is hard, there are so many good places to go!

  3. You can't beat Mexican food and margaritas! Narrowing it down to one destination is hard, there are so many good places to go!

  4. Gosh, I miss parenthood! That last episode was absolutely amazing. I am currently hooked on Nurse Jackie on Netflix.
    Hooray for Mothers! I'm not sure how my wedding planning would function with out my Mom. I totally feel you on being stuck on narrowing down honeymoon locations. Having the same issue over here. I am definitely thinking somewhere amazing and tropical! Haha :) Good luck on all the planning!! and congrats!