Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Declan's 6 & 7 Month Updates

Dear Declan,
You have the twinkliest eyes I've ever seen. It makes you look really jolly or really mischievous, depending on your current mood. You put those eyes to good use, always surveying the room, honing in on big brother and watching his every move with a little grin on your face. I suspect you're going to be my little secret agent when you're old enough to tattle. You're so eager to be mobile, you think you're ready to walk but mama isn't ready for that so please slow down. Your expressions are priceless and your sense of humor is really coming through lately. You think your daddy is hilarious, even if he does nothing more than look in your direction. You bounce up and down and scream excitedly whenever your brother enters the room. And you save your best coos and sweet smiles for me. Your daddy, brother, and I love you more than you'll ever know.

You can go from sitting to crawl/plank position and pull up to standing.

Somehow you're moving all over the room without actually crawling. Mostly through a system of sitting then laying down and then sitting back up. Not exactly the most efficient method, but it gets the job done.

With all that movement it's kinda crazy that there's still no back to tummy rolls.

You're "eating" solids.

Car rides are no longer torturous.

Grabbing everything within reach.
Chewing everything within reach.
Staying up all night.
Long naps.
Crinkly paper.
Trying to walk.
Being out and about.
Meeting new people.
The Parenthood theme songs.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Chewing food.
Spitting out food.
Trying to eat my hat.
Stroller rides.
Tickles from daddy.

Sleeping at night.
Sleeping in the crib.
When Ez leaves the room.
Not being able to reach something.

Every time you're on the changing table you do these really funny fake exaggerated shivers.

If there is an electrical cord within a twenty foot radius you will somehow scoot yourself over to it.

Banging things together like a little drummer makes you really happy.

You have an obsession with grabbing people's faces. Sorry to break it to you, but that's actually kinda rude. And painful.

Sometimes you get so excited that you just have to let out an ear splitting scream. Usually it has to do with watching your big bro run around.

I use the term "eats " loosely, because I'd be surprised if even 10% of the food we give you actually ends up in your stomach. You're really fond of chewing stuff up and spitting it back out. And despite that disgusted face you make after your first bite you always go back for seconds and thirds. Here are a few of your favorite things to munch on:

Bell peppers 
Green beans 
Carrot sticks 
Butternut squash 
Sweet potatoes
Brussels sprouts 


  1. how on earth is he 7 months already!!! Love that pic of him in the wrapped present box!

  2. Holy cuteness overload! Brielana is a face grabber too, like why?! Lol He has a great food list going.