Friday, January 29, 2016

The Little Things

In my latest Toddlerville post I mentioned a few of the more trying aspects of living with a two and a half year old, but Ez and Declan both teach me so much about getting joy from the little things in life. I love watching them play and explore and seeing their little faces light up when they discover a new skill. Here are a few of the things that may seem like no big deal but bring a smile to their faces, and therefore mine too:

  • Finger nails scratched down the side of the couch. Apparently Declan is part cat.
  • Finding the perfect wooden surface to chew on. He's part woodchuck too.
  • Climbing up every single slide at the playground.
  • Making a soccer goal. Still a cause for celebration even when there's technically no goalie.
  • Finding at least a dozen ladybugs. And a few hummingbirds too, for good measure.
  • Riding the rocking horse at the park completely unassisted.
  • Kit kats.
  • Dance break! (Octonauts style)
  • Spotting motorcycles. Or fire trucks. Or buses. Notice a theme here?
  • Raspberries and tickle fights.
  • Stealing one of brother's toys. (This is a two way street.)
  • Matching pjs. Ok, this one's just for me.
  • Swing sets and sunny days.
  • Midweek lunches with auntie.

Happy Friday!

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