Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ezzyisms - 32 Months

It's been 5 months since my last Ez update and wow has he changed. I'd noticed how rapidly his vocabulary has been growing, but until I looked back at old video clips and pictures I didn't realize just how much older he looks. His little neck is growing longer, which makes a huge difference in looking more little boy and less baby/toddlerish. We recently had to go up a size in shoes and a lot of his pants are starting to look like  Urkel highwaters. So the evidence of his growth has been there, but it still took me by surprise once I started watching all my old videos of him.

Ez loves learning activities. He constantly wants to do flashcards or puzzles or read together. And he picks up on things so fast. It's amazing how sponge-like toddler brains are. The connections he makes surprise me everyday. Like when he sees the words Star Wars he'll point and say Storm Trooper. Even when there are no Storm Troopers in sight. Or when he sees fireworks he associates them with Disneyland. 

I say this pretty much every time I post an update on Ez, but he's my best little helper. Whether it's cleaning up his toys or helping me with laundry, he's always willing to drop what he's doing and help out. He also rushes to the rescue whenever Declan is upset, handing him toys or goofing off to try and get a smile.

His current favorite things include all forms of transportation, along with road signs and what sounds various vehicles make. His favorite toys are his Radiator Springs table and his three thousand toy cars, trucks, bulldozers, motorcycles, and planes. Recently he's moved from the Cars movies onto Planes. I frequently catch him playing by himself and narrating everything,which is just the cutest thing ever. I can't understand half (ok, most) of what he says, and I'm pretty sure a lot of it is made up words, but it means something to him and I love pausing what I'm doing to listen to his imagination at work. 

Classic Ez sayings:
- "What sound maaake??" In his world everything makes a sound, including stop signs, fruit, get the point.
- "I don't knooow!" and "you tell me!" are what I usually reply to his what sound make questions, so of course he repeats those all the time. In the same tone of voice.
- If he doesn't know what sound something makes, then he'll just whisper the name of the thing three times softly, for example: What sound does a bus make? = bus, bus, bus. You can also see it in the video below, it's one of my current favorite Ezzyisms.
- After he demonstrates whatever sound for me he'll say "good <car, plane, train> sound" to himself. He's quite fond of patting himself on the back ;)
- "Da da daaa" - when we're racing his Doc and Lighting cars, trying to mimic the music from that scene in the movie.
- "C'mon go" or "c'mon a down down down" or "play cars?" when he wants us to get down and play with him.
- "Ride?" if he wants to ride in his stroller.
- "Unwrap it" or "open it" when he finds something he wants at the store.
- "Baby brother cry cry" to let me know when Declan is upset.

Worst/funniest things he's repeated:
- "Jesus Christ!" After Joe changed a particularly smelly diaper.
- "What sound does Daddy make?" followed by a farting sound.
- or "Daddy poohed" if Joe farts. (Sorry Joe! One day you'll be happy I recorded all this.)
- He may have possibly said damn, although I'm not sure where he heard it. He said it right when he dropped something, so the timing is suspicious.
- "Goodbye babe!" to Joe when he leaves for work.

This is in no way a complete list of what he says. His vocabulary grows each and every day. He repeats everything we say, and it's both funny and scary to have such an accurate mirror held up to us. This is definitely the stage of parenthood where I feel like I need to walk on eggshells so I don't impart any bad habits on him. Of course I can't do that 24/7, so I'll just apologize in advance: Sorry for any bad habits you learn from me, Ez! I hope you don't turn into a nail biter...

Here's a little video I've compiled of silly Ez clips from the last 5 months:

And here's Ez showing off all his vehicle sounds:

I can't believe this is going to be the year of potty training and threenager antics. Lord help us.


  1. I love the videos! Him cracking up is sooo stinking cute! When they repeat, it is hilarious!

  2. So sweet that he is such a little helper! Hopefully he never grows out of that!

  3. These are so sweet! I absolutely adore kid quotes and Ez has some good ones! His natural curiosity is too precious.

  4. So sweet! Isn't it funny how we don't notice those little changes until looking back at photos?!
    So cute that he tells himself good job, haha